Ledger Nano S

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I picked up one of these I don’t know what it does I will try to figure it out though I know it’s a hardware wallet.

It looks like you can store your bitcoin, ETH and maybe other cryptocurrency’s so ledger nano as is a hardware wallet based on a secure element for storing cryptocurrency’s and betting a screen to check and secure digital payments so I’m gonna go ahead and put some bitcoin anything I am here hopefully I won’t lose this and I will test it out to see what it does is that still in your Crypto.



It's easy to use. I won one in a giveaway awhile back.

I have both a nano s and a x what's your questions!!

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That's because you are a baller, I think I will just have it as piece in my office, on a shelf or something.

What you don't want to lose is the seed phrases.

You can always get another device. I have both the NanoS and the NanoX. I use the X model now because the number of different cryptos I have.

I honestly bought it to have it as a piece for my office to show off not so much to use.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Really handy device, if you are in crypto it is a must have...

Unless you lose the key right then you are SOL.