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RE: My CTP Weekly Report #21 - Saving Unicorns!

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Regarding the other tribes out there, I didn't have to much time to explore them... But, I'm always saying to myself that I should... Anyways, I'm using those two regularly in my blog posts on STEEM, but I don't have any specific opinion about them... I mean, they don't have that "something special"...

Anyways, if I have to pick one that is different than others, I would pick SteemLEO ( They have implemented some nice innovations to their website and they doing the most in developing stuff for their frontend page... Oh, yes... Their niche is investing, markets stuff and I'm adding their tag only if I have posts about that.. ;)


Thanks Zoltan for you thoughtful comments. I have decided that I cannot continue with Steem. Jon Olson will continue to cause trouble for me here. There are other more mature sites similar to the Steem platform. You'll know when I find the right place, I'll send you a personal message tweet my friend.