My CTP Weekly Report #21 - Saving Unicorns!

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It has passed only one week from my last report and so many things happened inside the ClickTrackProfit website and a lot of movements of CTP token price that it looks like it was at least one month... But, let me try to summarize everything in a couple of sentences...

So, we have a few new things on ClickTrackProfit website. One of the most interesting things is one completely new "game" named The Unicorn's Oasis where the goal is to save as many unicorns as you can! How do you do it? By subscribing to other's email lists, reading them and clicking on the link at the end. By doing that, you will save a unicorn and you have a chance for winning Wheelspins... Of course, you can buy your spot in the Oasis and promote your email list.

Also, @blainjones and @jongolson have added 2 new Masteries inside the CTP, for 2 awesome TEs, Sea Life Hits and Cup Of Traffic.

And probably the most important thing and possible game-changer of the whole Affiliate Marketing industry is the IPN that is finally out! You can upgrade your account at CTP through a new payment processor named FirePay that is accepting CTP tokens! To make this news even better, there is a possibility to add ANY Steem-Engine token easily to the FirePay processor! This can be crucial for many tokens out there because they can finally get their use-case and rise in value! We will see how many of them will decide to implement this solution.

After this awesome news, let's go back to my reporting... I have done my daily logins every day and do at least some stuff inside it... Mostly, Scavenger hunt, but I was also watching a few lessons during the week and checking the masteries.



I have also leveled up some of my ranks, and also my CTP Rank to level 13! I have leveled up my Badge Rank to Gold Connoisseur level 6 (I was Silver Connoisseur level 15), Mastery Rank to Bronze Beginner level 6, Teams Rank to Bronze Coach level 15 (was Platinum Member 15), Scavenger Rank to Bronze Scrounger level 14 and Gauntlet Rank to Gold Critic level 14. From this week we also have 2 new ranks, Unicorn Rank (you get the experience by saving unicorns) and Explorer Rank (you get XP points directly from program owners for doing things connected with them or with their programs).


In my badge stats totals, I have collected 572 badges, from which I have 71 unique at the moment.


Oh, yes... I have almost forgotten... The CTP Christmas Badge Hunt is over and I'm very satisfied with results, as a badge issuer, but also as a hunter. :)
My collection looks like this:

In a nutshell, I didn't collect 2 badges from salexa as they were disabled, and 1 badge from @russellstockley because it was a task to write about the affiliate program that works for us, and as I'm still newbie, I didn't have material for doing the task... It was fun doing different tasks!

And this post is getting too big, so I will try to be fast with the end... I was doing a giveaway for the people who have collected all 5 my badges and 6 people have got their rewards for doing that.

  1. Russell Stockley - Free Webhosting
  2. Jennifer Washburn - Free Webhosting
  3. Jenn Nieto - Free Webhosting
  4. Ian Ballantine - 300 CTP tokens
  5. Erik Gustafsson - 300 CTP tokens
  6. Eliana Gomes - 100 CTP tokens

At the moment I have 40K staked CTP tokens and I'm actively manually curating quality posts on the CTPTalk platform... So, if you are creating content, and it is relevant to the niche (aff. marketing, business, personal development, experiences), you can expect some upvotes from me. :)


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Again, fantastic report.

Thanks, Bradley. I appreciate it!

"Explorer Rank (you get XP points directly from program owners for doing things connected with them or with their programs)"

I had wondered what the hell this was--and IN A STROKE, got the answer. A thousand ATTABOYs (and a CTP token increase) for you.

hahaha... I'm glad that the post was useful for you!

Thanks for the comment and have a great week!

You're going well Zoltan, for a newbie to ClickTrackProfit you are showing a lot of us older members that we can all do a lot more. Keep up the great work, my friend.

Thanks a lot, Ian! I appreciate your kind words, but I'm far away from you guys... Maybe, just more oriented toward content creation... maybe too much...

Hi Zoltan, I am in the process of winding down my involvement with CTP. Too many issues not being handled professionally, especially now they have stopped us using their referral links on sites of our choosing. Now I know why I got only 2 out of the last 7 CTP referrals to verify! I'll write a final blog on CTPtalk to farewell my true friends on that tribe, and to let Jon and Blain know where they can go.

I'm looking for another primary Steem tribe; just wondering if you could perhaps suggest one please? I'm tossing up between @palnet and @neoxian, just can't make my mind up, so your comments would be greatly appreciated, my friend.

Regarding the other tribes out there, I didn't have to much time to explore them... But, I'm always saying to myself that I should... Anyways, I'm using those two regularly in my blog posts on STEEM, but I don't have any specific opinion about them... I mean, they don't have that "something special"...

Anyways, if I have to pick one that is different than others, I would pick SteemLEO ( They have implemented some nice innovations to their website and they doing the most in developing stuff for their frontend page... Oh, yes... Their niche is investing, markets stuff and I'm adding their tag only if I have posts about that.. ;)

Thanks Zoltan for you thoughtful comments. I have decided that I cannot continue with Steem. Jon Olson will continue to cause trouble for me here. There are other more mature sites similar to the Steem platform. You'll know when I find the right place, I'll send you a personal message tweet my friend.

you come into our support tickets and telegram and start dropping F bombs. But we’re unprofessional???

lol come on Ian.

You have a cheek Jon, coming into a private conversation. You deliberately stop CTP referral links being used on sites you don't approve simply because those sites do not pay you, that's extortion and blatant censorship. You claim to be a professional affiliate marketer, then try that trick? You complain about Paypal, then do worse and expect people to trust you? Oh you hypocrite! I'll write a blog in due course, don't you worry. You can then comment on that post. For now, you are not welcome in my conversation with Zoltan.

you are going to feel real bad when you check your mail box in a week or so. i’ll accept your apology then.

we aren’t stopping anything. we are teaching out affiliates HOW to build lists. it’s not a secret.

just because you didn’t understand it, doesn’t make what we teach wrong.

and this is the blockchain sir. nothing is private ;)

Clearly Jon you have no sense of etiquette. Never mind, I'm in the process of disconnecting myself with you and your cohorts, and that'll take a few months to remove all the referral links and other stuff. I'm in no hurry as you have destroyed my faith in affiliate marketing. Please do not reply or comment on my threads any more. You are not welcome.

LOL Yes Ian, I destroyed your faith in affiliate marketing because you didn't see the CONSTANT reminder I've been telling people to build their mailing lists....

And you refused to learn about email marketing...But anyways.

Good luck to ya!

Your progress in ClickTrackProfit and CTPtalk is outstanding @ph1102, and yes there are a lot of really great news in CTP these days, very exciting and promising for the future, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

It has therefore got a manual 100% upvote from @thisisawesome, for the Awesome Daily Upvotes in category CTPtalk, I give out 1 such vote in that category per day, plus 3 more in other categories, and your post will also be featured in todays Awesome Daily report for more visibility.

The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Steem ecosystem by rewarding it".

Thanks for the curation and picking my post as an Awesome!!!

Thanks @ph1102, and do keep up your awesome work.

Awesome one! And so true, so much happening..!! Success

Yeah... Blain is on the fire... :)

What an amazing update! 👏👏 you got busy with CTP over the holidays!! Wow 😉👍

Yes, I was... Clicking all around the holidays... :)

I like the badge collection you have collected one of the things i like is the collecting of the badges

Everybody likes badges... :) The problem is that they require action to be collected... :)
Thanks for the comment!

Great progress Zoltan, and yeah lots have happened the past week in CTP, Unicorns and FirePay being the big ones, and wow 40k staked CTP tokens is a lot, even better as the price is just exploding right now, have an awesome Sunday and keep up your great work.

Thanks, Erik!
Have a great Sunday!