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RE: My Introduction, I think it too late but better late than never

in #introduceyourself3 months ago

Ah it's great to see your "introduceyourself" post and "meet" you! I've seen you around twitter in recent weeks and glad that @fionasfavourites and @daltono along with @hivebuzz have encouraged you to write an introduction!

Don't feel forced to give the post payouts away to anyone seeing as they are yours and everyone has done an introduceyourself post on HIVE who was on STEEM after the fork happened last year, whether they've been around for years or a couple of minutes! In fact, it was encouraged to re-introduce yourself and seeing as you never did such a post in the first place (you'd have got the badge if you did), just take the rewards on this post mate - you might as well use the stake to upvote content on 😃

As long as you don't continuously use that tag which you obviously haven't, then carry on I say!


Thanks a lot sir for your reply and support It really means a lot to me I am glad that you read my post.
That's great to hear sir I am forced at all but I think its will be great if I will help the other who are new here. thanks a lot for the information you have provided this is very helpful and have give me more courage 😁💪.
no I will not use it every again indeed, this is I am happy with this 😀🙏🤝

Thanks for yours words Its means a lot to me. 🙏

Yeah man, great attitude to have! We all need help when starting and the cycle feeds as we move throughout our Hive journey! Congrats on the badge now - you've completed Hive haha!

Ya we really need help at some point in the beginning for sure , that is what i will do to the who need them i am going to delegate few hp to the new ones that is equal to the payout of this post , that I have in my mind 😀🙏⁦✌️⁩🤝