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RE: My Introduction, I think it too late but better late than never

I read the comments and I see why you did the intro and I know you are a friend,
But I think a intro after three years is not done, would prefer a decline of payout but, that’s not possible now
Blog on and stay safe


Thanks a lot for being here @brittandjosie,Ya I know this is a bit late but.
I have made this after I saw this.


I am not trying to earn more form the #introduceyourself tag this was not was intention. I intentions was to achieve the green check in all my hivebuzz tour section
Ya you are right it not possible now , But I think I can help the new comers by delegating few HP to them may this will work.
I will reach out to you for rest of the information


Thanks a lot for your support and guilds 🙏

I don't think there is anything wrong with receiving a reward for this post. You deserve it 🤝

Thanks a lot sir for your support It really means a lot to me.
ok sir ❤️🙏🤝

I know friend and I took your entry as an example. We both ben here long and have the best interest at hart for hive I hope hivebuzz will add the word decline and we have to wait and see what happens. And also I saw @daltono @fionasfavorites and others reply just to do it. But maybe when they was my tip they ( also both here long ) agree that DECLINE in this Re-introducing is the best way to go in completing the hivebuzz tasks. Green is what we all want but we also want to onboard people and have a clean path for them to start th hive journey.

We will ah e to wait , I put it in the discord aswell

Thanks a lot for your comment, I really appropriate you help what you are doing for all of the users around. 😀❤️🙏🍻