My Introduction, I think it too late but better late than never

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Namaskar / Hello to all hive users, who will reach this post. I hope you are doing great and having fun in your life and enjoying it with your loved ones.

Few days ago @hivebuzz post a new post that is Time to go on your Hive Tour, may be many of you have the post and commented also there , shared or may be blogged the post or not.

there was a new updates that they have made in the website hivebuzz most of us used this website to see our badges and other thing to there are few updates are done that was shown on the post so I also comment in there then few user reply on my comment they are @fionasfavourites , @daltono and @hivebuzz you can read the whole conversion there. My special thanks to
@fionasfavourites and @hivebuzz who have encouraged me to make a #introduction post. so I am here with my Introduction post.

When and How I join -

It's been around 3 years, 1 months, 11 days ago I am here in steem hive, my friends told me about this platform but at start I was a bit hesitated to join steem that time, I was not a social type guy but time sure changes us and a lots of things have changed in me as well as.

A brief Intro -

I am from Uttarakhand , a beautiful state of India I have completed most of my studies form here and I am doing a decent Job from here and earn a decent amount that is enough for me. I love to read others blogs and I especially love specially artwork and photography that is really my best community in the #Hive. Ans follow users here not that much but few and sure unfollow them when they are not regular.

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My journey here-

I was here from then 3 years but you can see my account hasn't grown that much as compared the time I have spent here. Yes that is really true I totally think that too so I haven't achieved more as compared to the other user from which I have started my journey here most of the users are not active anymore.
I have been vanished from here for a long time around 8- 9 months I guess I have no exact numbers but sure I was and that was the worst thing/ mistake I have done here. That time I have no idea about the power, tokens and all the things I haven't told about this to others because I have no prior knowledge of this myself. But now I am well aware of all the things[ you can say 70 % maybe not 100 % yet ] and I talk about this platform to others to help them to join and delegate a few HP to grow their account if they don't work I take back my HP.

I am trying a lot to make new friends here and intact with as much as user I can and growing my HP I have shown my goals of 2021 you can see there too.
Now I am regular here this like my daily part of my routine I am not complete without #hive,
Now I know a top secret thing about #hive that is helping me grow more here from past few months I will share that top secret things with you now that are -:

  • Interaction
  • Engagement
  • Write Good Quality posts
  • Never Give up.
  • No one will become Rich in a day here.

and one more thing for the #hive user just HOLD the #hive we have to travel a long distance so buckle up your seat belts.
I have reach 4000 Hive power, It feels great.

most payout of this post will be used for the new user of #hive. I am not going to take it thanks to @brittandjosie for your comment I really appreciate that 🙏

This is it by my side I thing this is it. If you want to know anything else about me just comment.

Thanks a lot for being here, Let me know your thoughts!









Thanks & Regards
-----Together we will make this a better place-----


I am so glad you did this! It's good to known that you are from India - a country I would love to visit one day. Strong links between your country and mine.

I do not agree with @brittandjosie that you decline the rewards on this post. Nor, as I see, do @daltono or @nickyhavey. I wonder what the @hivebuzz team's view is on this? I might just ask that question privately so that we are clear about this.

The reward is not just the badge and I am sorry that you potentially came off second best because I prompted you to just do it.

Good luck with your blockchain journey and building your asset.

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I do not agree with @brittandjosie and made my opinion clear to her here.

You did and we will have to see, what getting the green zone will do to the tag.

Thank you for clearing that up, @arcange

Thanks a lot @fionasfavourites mam for being here it good to see you here, you are the reason why I made this, oh great to heard ya sure in the future it will be more strong. yes you should sure visit.
no problem mam, after all the this is life full of mystery and surprises in ever moment.

Thanks a lot for your support 😀🙏🤝

You are very welcome.

Also, you are so right: life is full of mysteries and surprises.

Perhaps I will get to India one day.

My pleasure my , that is so nice of you let me know if you visit uttrakhand I would love to meet you in person ⁦❤️⁩⁦✌️⁩🙏.

If i will free I will sure be your guide

I will, most certainly! 🙏

Thats great to hear 😄🙏⁦✌️⁩

Ah it's great to see your "introduceyourself" post and "meet" you! I've seen you around twitter in recent weeks and glad that @fionasfavourites and @daltono along with @hivebuzz have encouraged you to write an introduction!

Don't feel forced to give the post payouts away to anyone seeing as they are yours and everyone has done an introduceyourself post on HIVE who was on STEEM after the fork happened last year, whether they've been around for years or a couple of minutes! In fact, it was encouraged to re-introduce yourself and seeing as you never did such a post in the first place (you'd have got the badge if you did), just take the rewards on this post mate - you might as well use the stake to upvote content on 😃

As long as you don't continuously use that tag which you obviously haven't, then carry on I say!

Thanks a lot sir for your reply and support It really means a lot to me I am glad that you read my post.
That's great to hear sir I am forced at all but I think its will be great if I will help the other who are new here. thanks a lot for the information you have provided this is very helpful and have give me more courage 😁💪.
no I will not use it every again indeed, this is I am happy with this 😀🙏🤝

Thanks for yours words Its means a lot to me. 🙏

Yeah man, great attitude to have! We all need help when starting and the cycle feeds as we move throughout our Hive journey! Congrats on the badge now - you've completed Hive haha!

Ya we really need help at some point in the beginning for sure , that is what i will do to the who need them i am going to delegate few hp to the new ones that is equal to the payout of this post , that I have in my mind 😀🙏⁦✌️⁩🤝

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I’m glad you decided to do this introduction post.
You just a month after I did, it’s great that you are still around today. You seem very passionate about Hive just like I am. Congratulations on achieving 4,000 HP.
I think we will one day be rich together.

Thanks a lot @daltono sir it good to see you here.
yet I did it after all, now I am here with my 101% effort now.
thanks a lot sir it really means a lot to me.
ya sure we will be rich together 🙏😁🚀

I read the comments and I see why you did the intro and I know you are a friend,
But I think a intro after three years is not done, would prefer a decline of payout but, that’s not possible now
Blog on and stay safe

Thanks a lot for being here @brittandjosie,Ya I know this is a bit late but.
I have made this after I saw this.


I am not trying to earn more form the #introduceyourself tag this was not was intention. I intentions was to achieve the green check in all my hivebuzz tour section
Ya you are right it not possible now , But I think I can help the new comers by delegating few HP to them may this will work.
I will reach out to you for rest of the information


Thanks a lot for your support and guilds 🙏

I don't think there is anything wrong with receiving a reward for this post. You deserve it 🤝

Thanks a lot sir for your support It really means a lot to me.
ok sir ❤️🙏🤝

I know friend and I took your entry as an example. We both ben here long and have the best interest at hart for hive I hope hivebuzz will add the word decline and we have to wait and see what happens. And also I saw @daltono @fionasfavorites and others reply just to do it. But maybe when they was my tip they ( also both here long ) agree that DECLINE in this Re-introducing is the best way to go in completing the hivebuzz tasks. Green is what we all want but we also want to onboard people and have a clean path for them to start th hive journey.

We will ah e to wait , I put it in the discord aswell

Thanks a lot for your comment, I really appropriate you help what you are doing for all of the users around. 😀❤️🙏🍻

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Welcome Bhattg..
Since we interacted earlier but I think as this is your Intro post, I should welcome you and share my warm regards.

Keep Hiving friend.

Thanks lot rajat bhai, for being here.
We are really interacted earlier, thanks for your warm welcome. 🙏

Ahhhh you changed it before that wasn’t nesseccary but I like your style! We are already talking in dm so thanks friend

Ya this will be the best option I guess I can do, my pleasure ❤️🙏🍻

Welcome none the less! :) seems you and I started around the same time...I just lost my keys on steem... long story.

I'm glad you took the time to post your intro!

Thanks a lot sir for visiting, It means a lot to me. oh thats was not good then sir. you should sure write a post on that I think I would love to read it.

Ya I have to made it after all 😀🙏


What a great post and introduction, you blew mine out the water from many many years ago. You are defiantly on the right path and the fact that you truly enjoy engagement tell me you are so eagerly to learn. Many here just get on a curation trail, read no posts and really don't engage but that's not us. This is truly where its at, Id rather be here reading than a chat room. So welcome, I see and hear you, sending blessing your way and noting but positiveness and good energy.

Thanks a lot sir for your appreciation and kind words that really means a lot to me, I have learn a lot of things that I haven;t learn in the time of steem, I love to read others post and used to comment on there post too, I just share my thoughts here. and trying to be regular here and meet more and more peoples here.

Thanks for stopping by sir.❤️🙏🤝