Introduce my self first post, love from stickupmusic

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Hello everybody,
I've just arrived in the hive and am now buzzin. I wanted to introduce myself and get to know some people here.


I am the brain part of the @stickupboys, (Front from the boys got me here) and I like making music with things like synthesizers, drum machines, and other stuffs that make noise.
I live in Brighton, a seaside town in the south of England, where I'm lucky enough to have a studio in my house with a random selection of new and old music machines, like a Casio CZ-1, a Moog grandmother, and an Elektron Model:Cycles as well as a million other things.

SUBs in Brigthon.jpg

I love to chat about anything music related; song writing, recording, instruments, and am always up for collabs of any sort. We are currently waiting for some stems from @nickyharvey.. nudge, nudge....

I am hoping to meet and connect with some of the music community on Hive and have heard about the @musicforlife and @music communities.
I am also thinking about joining in with the @hiveopenmic which looks like alot of fun.
One of the other boys has already started me off with @risingstar game which does look cool!

the Stick Up Boys

StickupboysLogo (2).png


Hey man, welcome in! It's great to see you multiplying!

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I followed the pizza now....

Thanks buddy!

Nice one Bro, now there are 2 of us on Hive.....

WELCOME to the family !!

big up the music thank you for welcoming my musical brother!

thanks dudes!

big up!

Welcome to Hive 🙃untitled.gif

Thank you!

Hello GIF-downsized.gif

Welcome! Love the logo and the name😎


thanks bro.gif

big up your badself!
we are here gif.gif


Yo GIF-downsized.gif

Yeah!!! very cool post!






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Welcome to the jungle bro!!

Welcome stickupmusic!
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Happy to have you!!!


He said he was dragging you in here by the short and curlies! Welcome!

Hoping to get down and see you boys as I am only just up the road near Gatwick.

Glad you are enjoying our little game and maybe see you for Radio Evolved on Sunday?

Cheers and rock on \m/

P.S. Get an image on your profile as you'll get more engagement then.

Thanks mate. You would be welcome down here anytime! Rising Star is a stroke of genius.

How many Stickupboys are there? Will you be taking over? You are all very welcome and so are your legion of fans.

Have fun with Rising Star.


Everyone's a Stickupboy, they just don't know it yet!

yep they will know it....

We Know Where You Live GIF-downsized.gif

well we got a very vague idea anyway......

There's a fair few clues out there :)

we are on it gif.gif



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Welcome on board!
Great to see the stickup family growing!

Thanks mate! 😀

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Man...i badly want to have one of your mask that design! It's unique!

we are running a competition soon if you want to enter I will post about it! I will be posting them you use insta and things?

yo sign up to our social media competition and I will post you a mask....

Yo!!! Sorry i missed your reply...already signed up man. Let me know if you received it, from Mauritius!🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺
Txs a lot man.

sweet will check tomorrow when I am starting the packs to be posted!

Got an email looks good then!

Yep, gonna cost be a bomb to post things all over the world lol

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Yes lads! Welcome aboard! Will look in to getting those stems over to you this weekend with a bit of luck!

sweet lol....I made him put that bit in....still excited to get them though!

Haha, although he mistagged me, I still saw the post but you know the mission I've had on since the blue screen of death!

Hello! Would love some stems from you. I was a drum and bass fiend for many years, lived in London in the late 90's and early noughties, punishing my eardrums in a variety of clubs/squats/warehouses. Happy times! The other boys are a bit afraid of a loud snare drum, maybe some education is required? 🤣

Haha I think my ear drums have also had the same punishment but many a great night at those dnb raves! You can never have too much dnb education haha!

Hello @stickupmusic! This is @traciyork from the @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) curation team. We noticed you shared your first post here on Hive - congratulations and welcome to the community!

Seems like you're already well familiar with the Hive ecosystem, but speaking of @nickyharvey (who is wicked good people, IMHO and no he's not paying me to say so...😂 ), he has a post out with a list of other Hive communities. If you'd like to check it out, here's the link - Havey's Guide to Hive: Evergreen List of Communities.

And since I'm here repping the awesome @ocd community, to see the list of communities in the @ocd curation program (which includes Hive Open Mic), take a peek at the most recent update post OCD Communities Incubation Program - Update #24.

If you have any questions that the makers-of-excellent- gifs (otherwise known as the @stickupboys) can't answer, feel free to hop into the OCD Discord server and we'll do our best to answer them, and again welcome to Hive!

Thanks for the welcome! This is the friendliest online community I have ever encountered.

You're very welcome for the welcome, @stickupmusic! 😂

And I agree about the community - it's one of the main reasons I'm still here, almost four years after joining. 😊

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