How Instagrammers Make Money With Follower Loops

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Hey Jesstigramers

Like it or not Instagram is still one of the most popular social media platforms around, it's a simple to use photo-sharing app that has social aspects like comments and in-app chat, being a mobile-first tool, it's taken off in the Smartphone generation and gathers billions of users around the world to its services and millions login every day. Having that kind of reach has driven people into a frenzy as people try to grow their accounts and then use it to make money in a digital world.

Instagram is monetising attention, and nothing else, its the selling of views online in an informal market done inside direct messages and emails. One of the popular practices for making money with a big Instagram account is follower loops.

Once you've grown your account to a certain size, brands, businesses and individuals will come knocking. Some will be brands that would offer you favourable deals for promotional posts, others may not, and you turn them away, but that sucks, you're literally turning away money.

So how do you still accept their payment without being directly associated with those accounts? Follower loops of course.


How follower loops work?

Let's say I want my business or personal Instagram to grow in a niche, lets say fitness. Instead of trying to post all the time, what I would do is approach a fitness account with a lot of followers. I would then pay them to put up a post, this is usually done via a giveaway.

The popular account then creates a post for a certain time period with the giveaway and requests that you follow my account to qualify and comment. This means the post gets, even more, reach because of the engagement and both the large account and my account would get more followers.

After the giveaway is done, the caption of the post is changed as if nothing happened and we both walk away with new followers. It is then up to me to try and use this boost in followers to grow my account and keep posting to increase my reach.

Growth hack, is wack

Follower loops are one of those growth hacks for vanity metrics and have proven to not work overtime as people start to unfollow you the moment they see you in their feeds.

Really the only one that wins is the larger account accepting payment to promote themselves to their audience.

Instagram is probably one of the most inefficient ways to grow your business, but people seem to love it. There is a lot of backdoor deals going on and the curated world outside never get to see behind it.

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I am a Jessie today

Lol, don’t worry I’ll have some crypto news for you shortly

And I just bought a car.
Not so much more left to spend at crypto.
Need to play more steemmonster and hope for Some goldcards

Oh nice congrats on the new wheels, I wish you many happy kilometres

people start to unfollow you the moment they see you in their feeds.

Yes and no...
No because, if you post constantly and related to the niche they will not unfollow but you need to stay creative in order to get more engagement on your posts.
And yes because, some users will just follow for the giveaway and doesn't care after that.
Well, that's my opinion.

Actually its more laziness that gets them to stay, also the whole thing is once your account starts to hit a unfollow % it will get flagged and your reach is throttled so this so called posting relevant content wont work since most of them wont see it

Oh I rarely post on IG, but I do believe that you can make money on anything you set your mind to

The internet is a crazy place, theres many floating all over the place you just need to find ways of tapping into it

I agree!

sooo good............. thanks for posting on or just using #infowars

Instagram is monetising attention, and nothing else, its the selling of views online in an informal market done inside direct messages and emails.

i upvoted and resteemed

lets interview @mollyeskam about it @eoskent and @

Thanks, lol I'm not all too clued up at what goes on in all the engagement pod and backyard dealings but I know some of whats goes on in Insta, would be great to hear from others who have spent time in that black market

I would like to make money from my instagram account, but I'm too lazy for that and I don't travel so much anymore, so it's much harder :) but cool idea & post!

The best would be to sign up with an agency they do all the work and just send you briefs so all you need to concentrate on is growing your audience my posting and engaging every day

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