Is Fear stopping you

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If you ever find yourself defending a position, explaining why, or justifying anything, it means you have been defeated. It means you have not been able to accept the others point of view, or the fact that you may be wrong.

Fear has conquered your mind and your heart. Your defences are up and you are running scared. It’s not that the other person has conquered you, it’s the self-created fear that is in control.

Until you can accept the other (you don’t have to agree) and you are not threatened by the other, your victories will be delayed. It’s a funny old world when true winning is accepting not resisting, when victory is found in the wisdom to stop fighting and to begin engaging.

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This kind of hits home possibly for alot of us here. We have a fear of success and/or failure, so we don't want to take that next step.

I am Like that with my online work and possibly with offline as well. I have a fear that if my content is not good enough. Or not in the right community.

I fear if take that step out of my zone and do something absolutely crazy and it flops cause it could be better or my message flopped. Since I tend to be cryptic with some of my writing or thoughts.

I want to do personal videos but it is not perfect, since I work before the sun comes up and I am always in PJ's still just barely getting my coffee for the day. This of course I could change with a change in my routine. But I have problems with changes.

Damn got distracted with talk with my brother. So yeah that is how my days go.

This post will be a to be continued....easter2015.jpg


You seeing the problem is a good start, now you just need to get over that and take action. We are all scared in the beginning but the more you do it the more comfortable you are and the better you become. It will not be perfect but you need a starting place and we all sucked in the beginning. This is a very supportive community and nobody will tell you that you did a bad job so it's just a matter of getting over your own fears and making it happen.

As I can see, you have allocated the problem... Not just in others, but in yourself, too... Fear is a really nasty feeling, and it can mess up with all our other senses, but also with our way of thinking...

Now that you have localized the problem, the next step is to find a solution... Others can show you the way, but you have to make the steps...

Have a great weekend!

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Great post. I have to admit that i find it hard taking that step out of the comfort zone. So yes, that is fear and it is holding me back. Its a work in progress, and taking it step by step. One big step was starting engaging here on hive and ctptalk.

I didn't have that problem, my big one is my perfectionism getting in the way and letting too much of myself out online

it's tough to live with fear and in fear. Each of us isn't perfect, but we do the best we can. It's a crazy world we live in. I think we all fit right in. 😂🤣 I didn't like being on video too at the start. Now, I'm slowly adjusting to it. It's like my daily motivation to keep moving forward. Admittedly, time passes by too fast. We can only make the most of each moment we have. Have a great week ahead! 😊😊

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I totaly understend you - have the same issue doing video......But comming out of comfort zone.....I imagine all in my head how will do it,but than .....Great post

Keep pushing forward @elizbetamt and we will all get it

True ty

This is a very relatable post for a lot of us. As much as I advocate for people to step out of fear, use critical thinking & believe in themselves, we are all human at the end of the day. Even I struggle with this in certain aspects of my life.

The fact that you acknowledged this is a huge first step. Now, the next step is to see what can help you overcome this obstacle. Sometimes, it takes time and even trial & error. But I have confidence you will succeed. :)

When we come from a place of love, not fear, magical things start happening. It's just a matter of us to work through the fear, not avoid it, & not allow it to have power over us, both offline & online.

Thank you for sharing with us & let us know how you are. We are rooting for you! :)

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Great post about fear and the first steps of change

Thanks @howyf2

Fear is always our greatest enemy.

Yes but we need to work everyday to transcend it

@bonnie30 I know exactly how you feel, but if we don't put our fears aside and step out on faith we will never get where we're trying to go. There are so many things I want to do but I'm scared of the financial investment. However, here on hive we can succeed without the fears or cost. I'm sure you know how supportive they are. They actually cheer you on and help you overcome the fears.

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Keep showing up. Perfection is not required.

LOLBonnie @bonnie30 ... not only fear will stop you, but also distractions. Got to take time out for family though and you can always continue on when you get back on track! :)