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RE: Hello I am alive

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I dont think youre depressing people.

Its interesting to read this post, it shows the originality and reality of life. It pays to be happy with what you got and not worry about other stuffs that we can't control

Its really good to see you're alive and well.

Have a nice day ahead


Thank for nice reply. not really use to coming out what they call a comfort zone
people post such beautiful photos of them self. la natural me these days. pst time you have great week ahead

You're always welcome.
I am also a fan of Natural beauty and looks. You're looking good Btw lol

Staying in the comfort zone can be a good thing and also the other way round too. What i do is minimize my time alone and try to stay connected to the outside world at the same time

I only go outside with my dog. when we could we would go to concerts outdoor.

I think it's cool to be with Dogs, as there's a saying, that they are Man's best friend