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#IAAC - Day 18:

Yes, i am alive.
Today being Sunday, i woke up late.
Afternoon, did some cooking. Nothing special though.
After 6.30pm, went out for a walk, almost completed my 5000+ steps.
800+ Steps still to go, will complete it indoors.
Achievable, as i still have to wash the utensils and clean the kitchen :-)

#LukeIsAlive - Day 65:
A good day at listopia, busy as ever.
Found luke at all the destinations.

Mission Accomplished:

Read @flaxz post for more details on #IAAC and #LukeisAlive challenge

See you tomorrow,

Farhad Kias
[made with canva and paint]

"Teachers open the doors, but you must enter by yourself."
~ Chinese Proverb


Inspiring Proverb, and great that you are alive and active.

thank you, have a nice week.

Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Farhad, and great title lol, very creative.

Made in Canva

@flaxz - Game Master

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Made in Canva and RoundPhoto

thank you.

You're welcome 😉

Made in Canva

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