Made Up News: Not so in near future, LukeIsAliveChallenge will be replaced by CatchMeIfYouCan5times 🤣

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#IAAC - Day 20:

Yes, i am happy to be Alive.
Interesting day at work. Today, i was assigned an interesting issue to debug and resolve. Hopefully, i will crack it before end of this week :-)
On another note, i completed my 5000+ steps today.

#LukeIsAlive - Day 67:
A nice day at listopia. I was able to find luke at all the destinations easily. No suprises.
CCCBM - CupCruisinCTP-BootScootinMillionare

Mission Accomplished:

See you tomorrow,

Farhad Kias


[made by canva and paint]


I guess I should try this Luke is alive thing some time. Do I need to have my own lead capture page for that?

You don't need lead capture page for the lukeisAlive Challenge.

Firstly, you will have to signup on clicktrackprofit website and verify your account -
Then, you will have to do the scavanger hunt within the clicktrackprofit website.
That is surf 5 designated traffic exchange sites, and find luke page on each site.
Note: You will have to signup on various traffic exchanges to surf & find luke in the scavanger hunt.

Once you complete the scavanger hunt you can post it on ctptalk with the appropriate tags.

If you are interested, do message me on telegram (@imfarhadk)

Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Farhad, and lol you just keep coming up with creative title's lmao.

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@flaxz - Game Master

#LukeIsAlive contest - win daily and weekly prizes

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