#IAAC - Day 17, #LukeIsAlive - Day 64 and a bit of sharing

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#IAAC - Day 17:

1st of August, you know what that means, it's HivePUD ( hive power up day). Have you done it?
I have not yet done, but will surely do it.

Yes, I am Alive. I am blessed.
Today is saturday, a good lazy start of the day.
Nothing planned for today, but will do my 5000+ steps.

On another note, a new month has started, hope it brings happiness and joy to all. Also drives Covid19 out of the world.

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#LukeIsAlive - Day 64:
listopia is getting busier, that's a very good sign.
Found luke at all the designated places in listopia
I enjoy doing it everyday, as it helps me build my list.
Also, an opportunity to win CTP tokens in daily and weekly draws.


Mission Accomplished:

A bit of Sharing:

Have a nice day.

See you tomorrow,

Farhad Kias


Thanks for the mention as always 🙂

Well done completing the Scavanger Hunt Farhad, and yes variation is good.

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#LukeIsAlive contest - win daily and weekly prizes

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