Hello I am alive

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It's been a long time since I did it I meant post about this being alive
Right now I don't know who won yesterday's yet 🤣 that's one of the roses as you're supposed to comment in their blog and give them an upvote okay okay nothing that right now let's see I'm alive and but I'm still not perfect but wait a minute

I live with my husband we are both considered disabled in some way I am over 60 years old my kids are growing up and they're not very far away but too far awayI don't ever hardly ever do anything with any family since I don't live in the same town okay I'm depressing people I better shut up okay and I'm talking to myself and that's okay I don't expect you to read this anyway okay what do I like the best about some things I like that we have an ice maker and that we found a cool container to put ice in and it was the only one at the store because it was right after people hurt about that pandemic and the stories were running out ofeverything 😂😂
yes I'm glad and I am happy and there's things in our household that we really need and use and that's what I'm happy about make life simpler
And okay I found it here is the recent winner 🏆Completed 250 Days with IAmAliveChallenge and It has been a great Journey
In this video @alokkumar121 completes his day 251 for the #IAmAliveChallenge, a big congratulations to him for making it past 250, and he also talks about what he likes with IAAC and how it started, check it out


I read it and I am glad you are alive :)

oh thank you. same to you

I dont think youre depressing people.

Its interesting to read this post, it shows the originality and reality of life. It pays to be happy with what you got and not worry about other stuffs that we can't control

Its really good to see you're alive and well.

Have a nice day ahead

Thank for nice reply. not really use to coming out what they call a comfort zone
people post such beautiful photos of them self. la natural me these days. pst time you have great week ahead

You're always welcome.
I am also a fan of Natural beauty and looks. You're looking good Btw lol

Staying in the comfort zone can be a good thing and also the other way round too. What i do is minimize my time alone and try to stay connected to the outside world at the same time

I only go outside with my dog. when we could we would go to concerts outdoor.

I think it's cool to be with Dogs, as there's a saying, that they are Man's best friend