Did You Know There’s a Whole Party Happening in the Comment Section? 🧐🍾🎁 (Happy #HivePUD)

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Happy Hive Power Up Day Hope everyone is enjoying it!

Speaking of powering up, have you all noticed the hive comment section powering up?

@hivebuzz has had its game that’s run in the comments for a while now, and it’s really cool to earn badges overtime!


Pro Tip: If you power up more than 10 Hive on the first day of any month, you’ll receive a special Hive Power Up Day Badge from @hivebuzz

But there seems to be a new trend of tools and games going on in the comment section of different hive tribe sites as well.

I’ve noticed this on CTP and STEM



Comments seem to generate pretty good value on leofinace as well if you read and engage with the authors...


And I did a little digging in the archon discord and found this...


And I share all of that with you to say, log into some different tribe front end websites, and get some commenting in every once in a while. There’s a whole party going down in the comments.

And that’s just the start! There’s a lot of hive engine based comment tipping tokens that are really nice too. The most popular ones I’ve noticed so far is Engagement, Wine, and Beer...

Engagements, wines, and beers just sound like a good time

And on peakd they’ve made it simple for people like me to use gifs!

So just know, at some point me gonna be in your comments dropping gifs while you’re trying to be serious... I apologize in advance. Blame the environment I grew up in...

But Happy Hive Power Up Day! Don’t forget to participate if you can on this really special monthly community event!

And don’t forget to hop in the comments and let me know what are your favorite comment tipping tokens on hive engine?


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