My Engagement of today :July 7 2020

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Hi Friends .
I hope all of you are in great health and spirits. Keeping my interaction alive in hive I announce my presence here.


First of all I start with news with "cryptofinally" i.e . So if you still think whatever work you are doing in twitter and insta platform thinking as of your own then how mistaken are you.

I found @lisamgentile196 complaining about hypocrisy of the society in post

I think @elizabetamt@elizabetamt@elizabetamt@elizabetamt is promoting the business and suggesting some nice ideas that can be considered for the blogging.

Tuesday Small talk look like a very nice initiative by @jangle .I think everyone should try to answer these question to self asked in .My be it can lead you self discovery.

@codingdefined post put emphasis on how inability to attain the goals can cause to lose motivation and hope. I think message is delivered beautifully in the form of a nice story.

So friends "Stay Alive,Stay Engaged" and do not forget to take part in @russellstockley giveaways.


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Thanks for sharing @saachi have an awesome day

I am going to show here daily now(as of my current goals)