I'm Outgamed!

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I started this year with a new gaming PC and my goal was simple "Play as many games as I could". The last non casual gaming console I had was a PS2. That was a long time ago. I essentially had 15 years of games to catch up on. Being in an extra extended lockdown, I've actually grown out of playing games a lot.

I have the xbox PC gamepass (subscription service) and there are new games every week on there, but I just can't be screwed playing them for more than 10 minutes. The only 3 games that I play (mostly because I'm taking a break from Netflix during the night) are Overwatch, Slay The Spire, and recently Dead By Daylight.

With an abundance of new games and selection available, gaming has kind of become boring to me. I now watch a lot of gaming cutscene movies so the desire to finish off narrative games have lost it's charm as well. I think the only game I'll buy for the rest of the year is Cyberpunk 2077.

Anyone else feel like this?

Take care, honey bears.



If you binge out on anything hard enough, no matter how much you think you adore it and can't get enough of it, you'll get bored eventually ;D

I've been the opposite, I've relished the extra time to work on my project, though that was also detrimental in other areas as I went so hard on it that some other house-related projects I really should have done (such as cleaning out the art cupboard) never got done x_x and then when I had to go back to normal I was annoyed about having less time to work on things XD

yay for your productivity!

I know the feeling, the only game I'm really looking forward to is Cyberpunk ..
I find myself trying heaps of new games each week but nothing keeps my attention for long and I keep falling back to a few old classics like GTA online and Descenders.

Having such easy access to a huge amount of games makes it more obvious then ever that 90%+ of them are clones of the same few basic ideas :(

I had a dig through the games folder looking for something recent to recommend (I'm not addicted!) ..

.. And I think the most memorable experience has to go to Outer Wilds . I won't spoil it, but it's def worth checking out sometime :)

ah yeah, i kept getting that game mixed up with "the outer worlds." I know what u mean with clones, seems like every week there's a new multiplayer game that's trying to replicate fortnite's success. The only one recently has been " the fall guys"

I tend to find one game that I enjoy and stick with that one until I find it boring. For example, I played the COD series on PS4 for ages, and worked my way through the various titles as they were released. Once they stopped being fun I moved on to Fortnite very briefly until I discovered Apex Legends. I'm still playing Apex as it has been consistently fun and challenging.
I find single player games get tedious very quickly. So stick with multiplayer for the competitive element. And you really can't compare against competing against actual people rather than AI. Maybe take a look at Apex if you enjoy multiplayer.

Oh yeah, I looked into Apex legends, but ti was kinda a hybrid of call of duty/fortnite/overwatch for me and overwatch fills that FPS multiplayer desire for me. The prefer the single player experience because once the game is over, it's kinda over, and you can move on, whereas multiplayer games never end.

I think that’s why I like multiplayer. I have other people to compete against and the game never really ends which means that the skill base keeps evolving and I don’t need to search for the next game to play. Plus I hate AI. It never seems to replicate how a human behaves.

i'm all for this opinion!

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