Well I join Crytobrewmaster just yesterday

in #hivegameinglast month (edited)

I did not know how to start. I bought some water
A reply from a hive user I been follow long time @elianaicgomes
who told me to click on the pub then the bullentine board in side it
I start with 17 or 16 engery That brew I selected was
Neutral Local Aroma Hops under Daily Quest



Am so looking around for link with my username .I can not find one
or maybe there is not one I can look and look and still not see Maybe I saw one when I first signin
but not today. also it had me signin when I open the link to sign in already and I just turn on my laptop

I sign in with hivekey. here you can learn how to set it up

Which includes video instructions. and much more above hive!

Well I got about 18 minutes left on my brewing at #crytobrewmaster' well less as soon as get this


WTG Cheryl! I appreciate your persistence at getting past the complications and making progress towards success!

Thanks for your comment every little bit helps I don't know what the word success means I just want to do things right

Remove tag I think this is the last one I have to remove that's four