I stopped self voting this week

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There is nothing wrong with voting for your own posts. However, if you are ONLY voting for your own posts, and not voting on NEW /Created posts then you are not giving back to the community as much as you should be. Every day when I log in I first check and see what is new.


I have also read that optimal voting activity is 20-30 votes per day, and when you vote on brand new content after 5 minutes that is optimal. Some communites offer tokens on top of the base layer, and have different rules, but for the most part voting at or after 5 minutes is safe.

We are the curators of the Hive chain. Forget about rewards and payouts for a moment. Make sure that you are voting for the BEST posts you can find today. The undervalued posts that might have been missed by other users. When we look back and see the post-valuations of the content that fills the blocks on our chain, lets make sure we are esteeming the BEST ideas.

Even more valuable are the interactions we have with other users. Comment and leave more thoughtful responses on their content. When we interact on here it becomes a more social experience. We can make Hive a constructive place for everyone if we build a supportive culture.

Over the past few days I have been focused on users, and voting and making comments. But as the title of this story says, I also stopped voting for my own posts.


This month I have also been playing with the different types of payout options that you can set on posts, including "Donating To The Hive Fund", Declining Payout, and BURNING the payout. I am somewhat skeptical of the current plan underway to just burn HBD each day, but we will see the results of the proposals that are funded.

I will probably burn more rewards from time to time, but I don't think we should get too crazy with the burning rewards function. In fact there is a new development in DeFi stablecoins that we should be looking at, called PCVs or Protocol Controlled Value where the protocol takes ownership of the stablecoin and autocorrects the price, while deploying capital as liquidity.

Something like that, there are a few protocols I have been looking at this week.

A tweet I read

Olympus is a new one, and I will give you the link here for you to check it out. https://olympusdao.finance/#/ Just to get some opinions

Olympus is a floating algorithmic currency. This means that it has mechanisms to promote stability and predictablility without directly pegging to any asset. However, we take it one step further with the introduction of adjustable policy; the DAO can move certain variables up and down to target growth and profitability or stability and predictability.

I wonder if we could make something like this for HBD, where instead of burning rewards we could fix the mechanism. @blocktrades has a great idea and @smooth is doing his best also, but can we start to talk about designing our own "Algorithmic Currency Protocol". It seems to be the cutting edge of the stablecoin evolution, but is still built on Ethereum.

Where is HBD development taking us in 2021? Can we make it better? What are your voting habits currently? How can we support the community while making good personal choices also?


I don't think there is ANYTHING wrong with voting for yourself, in general.

The problem is when voting for yourself AND others (meaning truly independent others, not just votes that are part of a trail, voting circle, paid vote, etc.) not voting for you. That indicates there is no consensus that your contributions are actually worth anything and you are just farming.

Re. HBD., the conversion function in the next hard fork will change the protocol a lot. It will be an interesting experiment.

Back on self-voting, I once proposed, half-seriously, that you be REQUIRED to self-vote on all of your posts and comments. If you don't think that your contributions are worth something, you shouldn't be making them. If others disagree they can downvote. That's part of establishing consensus on what should be rewarded.

I would like to err on the side of everyone benefitting, rather than it becoming a battle royale. I usually vote for my posts, with every intention of powering up to increase my vesting shares, and then I try to give back to the community by voting on posts by users with smaller accounts. I also don't mind abstaining from self voting for a while to see how much I can focus on other users contributions. I appreciate your response and I hope that your efforts to stabilize HBD will will mean we can rely on it more to stay around $1 USD. What do you think about the PCV protocols being developed like Olympus and $float?

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What do you think about the PCV protocols

Have not reviewed

Here is an interesting twitter thread,
I am trying to keep up as things evolve so quickly.


!BEER Cheers!

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I've never done this.. not even on Facebook where it didn't mean shit

I like to feel as if we are building something
more important than money with regards to
these built in consensus mechanisms.


Yea seriously! I look forward to talking to you soon! It’s been a while!!

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The truth is that it was not very clear that you could vote for yourself. I have tried a couple of times but nothing happened, it must be that I have a low stake. The comments are fine but few are answered and almost none are voted on. Nothing happens either, the important thing is the presence and providing content to the community that is what will make Hive grow.

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Engagement helps.. even on traditional social media, it has always been my mode of operation to engage with folks who show interest as quickly and consistently as possible. It is my opinion that the more timely your response is, will show how dedicated you are to the topic, and those who you wish to connect with by posting the damn thing in the first place on social media lol

Thanks for your reply @yeckingo1 We might not have immediately huge results, but you will slowly build an audience if you are active and participate in discussions with other users on their posts.

There are 2 ways to earn on Hive.

1 The first way is by submitting stories and comments, which are both types of Posts that earn payouts of 'vesting shares' called HivePower and also HBD which is the HiveDollar. You should Power Up or stake at least 101 HP so that you can earn voting rewards. The more Hive you stake, or Power Up, the more vesting shares you get. Your long term vision for the platform could be to inVEST in your self by Increasing your REP.

2 The second way you earn is by voting on great content before other users, but not too soon. There is a 20% curation reward penalty on voting at 4 minutes, and a 40% penalty for voting at 3 minutes, all the way down to 100% penalty if you vote on something immediately. Post and power up your rewards as HP and get to 101! Then get to 500 and you'll become a bigger fish in a decentralized ocean. Your human meaningful efforts matter.

After 7 days the post pays out 50% as curation rewards, and 50% as author rewards, in the form of Staked Hive and HiveDollars. You can always trade HBD for Hive and they are both found in your wallet.

There are also now fun tokens for being social that you can stake, like WINE or !BEER

smike5BEER2.png !BEER

Anyhow it is your choice whether to vote on your own posts or not. The urgent suggestion I am making for you however, is that you should reach 101 HP at the very least, so you can earn curation rewards. I can stake you 5 more POB tokens if you like, so that can help you to earn POB tokens when you vote on #ProofOfBrain posts.


Hey @yeckingo1, here is a little bit of BEER from @darkflame for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hey @yeckingo1, here is a little bit of BEER from @darkflame for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Idk why, but it's been 12 minutes since you sent that, and I never got notified, and only saw this comment by coincidence.

Someone convinced me to self-vote a long time ago but it just felt weird so it didn't last very long. Not like my votes are worth much anyway but it feels a lot like shaking my own hand and congratulating myself lol

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I don't think there is anything wrong with it overall, as you are curating your own content, which you should like enough to vote for. If not why post it at all. I am making extra efforts right now though to use my HP to interact with and reward users who are engaged on the platform. I might go back to self voting later but this week I am not. I also burned 1.05 Hive in a burn barrel on PowerUp day, as an experiment.