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This is a hive-exclusive giveaway to help support my growth as a content creator. I use my various accounts to interact and help others through blogging, vlogging, podcasting, and streaming!

I do tons of tutorials and share the tools that I enjoy using along my journey in building my online empire.

I'm mainly creating on really cool decentralized platforms, so be sure to sign up and follow me so you don't miss out!!

Giveaway Eligibility Rules


Rule 1: Follow me on Hive
Rule 2: Upvote this post
Rule 3: Leave a comment with your latest hive post
Rule 4: Be on the lookout for more content coming to Hive!!!

Here's What I've been up to lately

lately I've been getting back into posting on noise. I'm still figuring out the whole bnb thing... yikes!

but until I get that taken care of I probably won't be making too much crypto content. Probably not a bad time to get some actifit streaks going either!

lots of changes coming to this account for now though. I'm too scatterbrained to stick to one niche! I must accept this for now.

I should also mention someone drew this cool picture of me on twitter!

Bout as dope as any NFT you could drop me!

And that's it...

Other Ways to Help Support the Giveaway!!!

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Winner Announcement!!!

This week I'll be selecting 1 commenter to receive 1 Hive HBI unit!

The winner will receive their reward after this post pays out, and will be officially announced on the following giveaway announcement post.

The previous giveaway winner was:
  1. @fragozar01



Thanks a lot for taking the time out to check out my post and participating in this giveaway! You're greatly appreciated!

@nevies @geo.trainer @failingforwards

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I already follow you and I have no post.

It is nice if we increase the userbase of Hive and keep people connected here.

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No post no problem! If you get one posted come back and share, I'm doing rehives for my supporters!


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Brother, you are great, thank you for this contribution, I'm excited to share what you do. And the photo of the victory is super, I love it. Your portrait on Twitter is great and I loved it, simple but beautiful. Too bad I can't follow you since I'm suspended in that centralized network. But I will be following you here my friend. Again, I am very grateful and pleased to participate in your initiatives. Soon I will post my new entry, I am finishing it. Greetings brother.

Yeah twitter is weird. They limit the amount of people I follow but don't even show all the tweets of people I follow...

But congratulations again. Looking forward to your new submission.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Cool! Thank you too for the opportunity. And damn, that's some cool drawing of you that person made.


Here is my latest Hive post again:


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Thanks fam ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

Appreciate the continued support


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