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I know that about this topic we could create thousands and thousands of books, and we would still be at the beginning... Everyone has its own opinion about taxes and most of know what was the main purpose of taxes in the past, and what is their purpose in the present... Anyway, I wasn't talking about taxes in general inside the video, as it should be an "easy talk", but about dCity game and tried to compare it with Hive...

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But, after recording the video, I had some thoughts on this topic as we had a major tax rise here in Spain just 2-3 weeks ago when we got additional taxes on sugared drinks, gasoline, and who knows what more... Tbh, I didn't expect anything less than that, and I do expect a lot bigger pressure on people in the next period because this way of living/working isn't sustainable at all...

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There are a couple of things that made me thinking today... I was watching some videos about cryptocurrencies, and they have mentioned that in the last couple of decades, every 5-8 years we have a recession and some kind of economic crisis... The last big recession was in 2007-2009, but we had an EU debt crisis after that, and other "small ones", and there was a lot of talks back in 2019, that the next one is coming soon... And how handy was it that we got this plandemic which can be easily blamed for all the problems in the financial sector...

So, 2020 was rough... Not just because of the virus, but because of stopping the whole world, and the end is still far away... The world is still in knock-down, but financial problems are just piling up... Figuring out some permanent solution isn't an option as we have plenty of bandages, and the most famous one is TAX... SO, why not pressure people even more, when that is the easiest solution of all...

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That kind of thinking is very similar to this meme that you see... Taxes were high BEFORE, but the country is broke, so let's raise them up a bit more... Then they will be more efficient... The most important thing is that we see numbers moving up... If we need more money, we will print more and give it to the people that they can pay back to us through taxes...

Do you notice the irony and similarity with a certain process that involves criminals, money, and the third party (washing machine)?

As always, don't forget to check out the video...

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Politicians like spending other peoples money. It is why the future of money will be everyone becoming their own bank. The concept of taxation becomes theft when said taxation is used for political pet projects, bridges to nowhere, and funding special interests.

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Politicians like spending other peoples money.

and I would add.... "spending money on themselves and their buddies..." lol... Maybe in a certain time in the past, elected people were "experts" in their field, but in the present-day, they are mostly crooks and nolifers... That has never worked in their life, only speculating and stealing through politics...

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad that I'm not alone in my thinking...


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I think that dcity is a great inflation experiment. It shows that by simply increasing taxes you might reduce the money supply, but this doesn't mean that the price of the token will automatically go up. There are other factors that come into play. Like players loosing interests and therefore reduced demand. It's not that easy to stabilize a token and I think it's a great way to try things out a bit. In the end the success of a game like dcity will definitely be linked by what is being developed and how it can bring value to the players in the long run.

Like players loosing interests and therefore reduced demand.

Exactly... It happens at the moment that people get frustrated as +70% taxes is a bit too much... and people try to another way around the game... Creating cities, without SIM income, milking the "card earnings" in that way, and who knows what next... I hope that developers will find a way to balance the game a bit...

As you said, it's not easy to stabilize a token... If it were, we wouldn't knock on the next financial crisis in the real world...


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Shit! Dcity also increased one..

Might be a transparent system help in current use of taxes and eventually it get reduced.

Well, today was a day when the taxes in dCity got reduced... from 70% to 65%... lol... That's a good sign... :)


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Not helping, they removed war tax and my MIC are not printing SIM, the way they used to.,

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While I can see your point about finding a way to encourage entrepreneurs to continue to invest when the market does not seem to look promising. However, I have some food for thought. What if we find other ways to entice new members into the blockchain environment who are interested in topics other than investing. I propose that we have too many investors and not enough consumers. If we promoted the decentralization aspect where people do have have to be concerned about being censored or losing their accounts to encourage users who want to use the platform for reasons other than earnings, you increase the cashflow and build an environment where other "vendors" are more likely to want to market their wares. This new economy would no longer depend on constantly increasing token prices in order for the blockchain to gain momentum...just my 2 cents.

Well, I think that some communities/tribes are doing like that... I mean, you are getting rewards in tokens, but a lot of people are here because of the content... Especially if you look at LeoFinance, 3Speak, or some other niche-oriented frontend... There are some great creators who are creating their stuff here...

But, you are right, the mindset is on the rewards and money... I was searching for some info a week-two ago (forgot what was exactly), and one of the first results on Google was pointing to the article on the blockchain! When that becomes more often the case, we can talk about changing the mindset and mass adoption... ;)

Thanks for the comment!


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