IAmAliveChallenge 276 I am alive and very happy to start what was planned in the ¨jardin¨

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Hello Hivians. Happy to be here with you, grateful for the support and company you give me, it is a huge motivation; This is my two hundred and seventy-six uninterrupted video supporting this splendid challenge from my friend: & nbsp; @flaxz. #IAmAliveChallenge. #hivelsalive.

As I promised, we are in the front garden to start work, we had spent a lot of time in the garden and we neglected this a lot

The work that we are going to do is simple, eradicate the herbs, remove all the grass and turn the earth, in a word, condition everything to start sowing

I had promised not to talk about the condition, however it is impossible not to do so, since we have exceeded 2,010,000 affected, although 1,800,000 have defeated the condition, how serious lies in the enormous number of deaths that we already exceeded 49,674

For those who do not know me, I would like to mention that I really like visiting other Hivians and making them known

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Hello my friend @jlufer. Today is your kick start day to improve your front garden by removing weeds and preparing the earth and ground for sowing. I am definitely sure that from 6 variety of flowers that you have planned to plants will be a big make over.

It will take time for the full bloom of each flowers. But along the way, this front garden will be a beautiful greenery area for you and your family to enjoy. Nothing better that we are living nearby the nature.

Have a great weekend. Be safe, healthy and strong.


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how are you dear friend @andyjim good afternoon
It is very true what you say, this will be a long process that will take at least three months to see all the flowering, but it will be worth the wait.
as always very grateful for the company and support you give me.
have a splendid afternoon. enjoy it a lot