IAmAliveChallenge 280 I am alive and very happy with the planting done in the garden (Part One)

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Hello Hivians. I wholeheartedly appreciate the great support you give my videos, it is a huge motivation for me; This is my two hundred and eighty uninterrupted video accompanying this incredible challenge from my friend:   @flaxz. #IAmAliveChallenge. #hivelsalive.

Thankful to our friend Erick for this ¨ challenge¨ that allows me to comment on the things that happen here

As always, what stands out the most is this condition, it does so because despite the passing days, those affected continue to grow, we have exceeded 2,040,000, although 1,830,000 have defeated the disease, what worries us are the 50,236 deceased

I am very happy, a few days ago they gave me some seeds again, and today I want to show you the sowing of some of them

Today I am going to sow chard in a single warehouse, radish in half a warehouse and carrot, seed in half a warehouse to be able to transplant in the other half; This is the first part of the sowing of the seeds that have been given to me

Before concluding I want to share with you some hivians that I have visited

Invited to meet me:  @laxyasaru
Invited to meet me:  @daniky
Invited to meet me:  @tobywalter
Invited to meet me:  @madushanka
Invited to meet me:  @psimpson67


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Thanks so much my friend!! Peace and Love to Ya!

it is a real pleasure dear friend @ psimpson67 that you have a splendid afternoon

Great post and thank you so much for the mention @jlufer. Pls stay safe and do have a wonderful moment.

nothing to thank dear friend @daniky you deserve
have an excellent afternoon

I am already planning my gardening work too. Although my yard is still covered with snow, 30-40 cm high ...

how are you dear friend @ animal-shelter good afternoon
That is good news, gardening is exciting, you will undoubtedly love it. Soon the snow will be gone, and you will be starting your garden
have a splendid afternoon

I am happy to see you happy healthy and blessed by nature.

how are you dear friend @laxyasaru good afternoon
I appreciate your kind words with all my heart
have a beautiful afternoon

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