CTP Token Value - Got A 10X Increase In Just A Month - Luke Is Alive Day 28

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Here I talk about the value of the CTP token and that it just had a 10X increase in just a month time, plus I found Luke 1 time in PistolPackingMama.

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Hi there and welcome to my vlog, my name is Erik Gustafsson and I go by the handle @flaxz on Hive, CTPtalk and DTube.

CTP Token Value - Got A 10X Increase In Just A Month

In this video I talk about the 10X increase in value that the CTP token have had in just a month.

So I just paid for renewing my subscription to the Unicorn's Oasis in ClickTrackProfit, and as usual I paid using CTP tokens.

Today the cost was 203 CTP tokens, and a month ago I paid 2068 CTP tokens, and you can see the transactions in the screenshots below.



This is just fantastic growth, and bodes well for the future, especially since this means that we can buy more with the tokens and thereby further increasing the value even more, in my opinion.

If you do not yet have a Hive account then you can get one for free at HiveOnboard, and to know how it works use The Hive Guide.

It is not too late to start, and the level of engagement that you get here is not something that you can easily replicate on your own.

Enjoy Watching The Video!

Luke Is Alive Day 28

Luke is a very alive figure, he travels around in Listopia, and you need to find him so he can help you to build your email list, it's a Scavenger Hunt from ClickTrackProfit, see the Luke Is Alive Community about how the daily contest works.

Screenshot from CTP

This is Luke in person.

I Found Luke

So today I found Luke 1 time in PistolPackingMama after surfing 43 pages, and in the video above you can see a screenrecording of this.

This is a Traffic Exchange (TE), and it's owned and run by @mamasez, and in the screenshots below you can see the start of my hunt and then finding Luke 1 time.



So that was my hunt for Luke for today, and in this TE I promote my LCP's for Mobile Cash Formula, which is my 42 day email course about creating an online income in a mobile friendly way.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this post and watching the video, I hope you liked it, leave your thoughts in the coments below, and ...

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Erik Gustafsson

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CTP growth wasn't a fluke or luck, it was a case of smart and hard work paying off. the CTP is still undervalued

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Yes it has been quite a journey to get here, and fantastic to see it first hand, demand of CTP is definitely growing.

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CTP🚀🚀🤑But miner ctp do not understand. I have 444 ctp miner and one day gets 1.2 ctp the second 2 ctp or 7?

Hi there so I checked your wallet and could not find any CTPM you said you had 444 of them, now if you have sold them then that could explain it, and as to mining, all miners in HE is basically a lottery and your miners are tickets for that, the more you have in relation to everyone else the more times you win.

My second acount @jozef230gamer

Good, and as I said the miners work like lottery tickets, so the more miners that are staked in total the more tickets on the same prizes, each drawing have 20 winners if I remember things correctly but I could be wrong, the stats from Marky showed that compared to other token miners CTPM was very competitive.