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RE: The Hurricane Is Coming

in DTube3 months ago

Well I hope that you don't get you head blown off over there and don't get too wet either!

So lucky that we've got phones these days too to keep in contact in weather like that.

I remember going through a huge Cyclone called Bobby in Onslow in Western Australia in 1995 when y oldest brother was staying with me and although we lost power, it was so weird when mum called us at 1am on the landline to see if we was still there! No mobiles internet...what ever did we do without the did we survive cause I know that I'd die without it now!

Boy we had a big feast though when the food in the freezer started defrosting. Lucky we had a gas stove to cook it all on!

Good luck and stay safe!



It will be fine, I just hope I don't lose power. The storm isn't that big and we are ready for it.

Well good luck to you and everyone around...😊


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