Leo Price Dip! I have purchased Leo Tokens and aiming to have 1k Leo Power

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Hello everyone

I am back again with another video and in this video I have talked about my plans about Leo Tokens.

Because the price of Leo token has gone down so I have try to avail this opportunity and purchase some tokens this morning however I am still trying to buy more tokens as my goal is to have 1000 Leo power in my account.

Leo in a fantastic project and it has done great work on the platform so I believe in the project and that is why I am buying more tokens to have more power in my account.

Thank you so much.

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That is what dips are for. Long-term believers who want to accumulate can speed things up by taking advantage of the dips.

Most others like to jump in when things are racing upward, wishing they got in at lower prices.

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Indeed.. Its the best to jump in dip else the majority is following the trend.. Thank so much @taskmaster4450le

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Everybody wants to buy low, cheap. But once the dip occurs - not so many are brave enough to pull the trigger. :)

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Hi @onealfa.leo
Absolutely correct and I agree
I was waiting for the dip and I made the most out of this. I am very happy to buy and my aim is to have 1k LP at soonest as possible. I am very happy with my buy today. Thank you so much.

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Uaah good choice! I too bought 750 leo.

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Thats great ...

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