PayPal Entered in Cryptocurrencies and I see it a positive move

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Hello everyone

I am back again with another video and in this video I have talked about the recent news about paypal and cryptocurrency. PayPal has made an entry in crypto Space and I think that this is a great move by them and I can be a good reason for bringing more people in Crypto.

Thank you so much.

Stay Safe.

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Hey man great news!

but can I give you a very important advice?

Please Please Please set the vp slider before uploading to a much much higher value on the right. That's the selfvote slider which is is very very very important to earn more rewards with you amazing content! DTC is refilling over time - there is no need to save it up for later brother :)

Hi @tibfox
happy to follow your advice but I am not sure how much to keep it and I notice that it comes with some VP by default and I make it zero. Thanks.

Hello dear friend @ alokkumar121 good day
This is excellent news, it will undoubtedly bring many people to crypto. I appreciate that you let us know about this situation
have a great day

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