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RE: Weedcash community/admin call - Rethink curation and marketing across all of hive

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Yeah I can see a few accounts that are getting some big auto votes, and sometimes those same accounts will post way off topic. Which is why I would love to see more flags. It’s nothing personal, just stay on topic.

As far as dictating the % of votes, I can see where your coming from, but anybody can choose how they vote, just as they can choose what to flag.

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I was saying for the curation account vote. This is basically eliminated with the auto vote taken off as then the curation team aka you 🤣 get to set % this also stops the same accounts automatically going to trending every time they post. This was the same issue on smoke one person set the trending, We see the same thing here now with the auto vote.

Well I can only mess with canna curate. And that hasn’t been touched since back in the steem days lol

Yeah it is the Richardchill and coffebuds autovotes I think... Auto votes just suck 🤣🤣

The it does ha e it a pros and cons, that’s for sure. I think if one was to auto vote, just make sure you know what you are voting, or look at what you have voted, so that way if it was something you did not want voted, you can remove it. Especially if you voted on a post that does not belong on the said tribe.

Ps what canna votes on weedcash is about 90-95% manual