Frozen Margarita

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Happy Sunday my cannabis lovers, Chrono here I picked up a couple of things yesterday from again one of my favorite dispensaries I haven’t gone to this dispensary in over three weeks now I believe and well I picked up a baby jeeter.

It is a highbred it is frozen margarita and it comes in a pack of five little joints and it’s about 1.75 g.

These are nice because it’s just a little midday hit they are strong as hell I’m gonna tell you this they are not like the grape apes I usually get those are infused with hash.

I haven’t tried these I’m going to right now as I’m writing this right now I’m gonna light this up and I’m gonna smoke it and I’m gonna let you know exactly what I feel on the very first hit keep in mind these are 30% THC it could be 30% THCA I don’t know specifically though these are really strong.


So this is my review on the baby Jeter‘s frozen margarita 30% THC and good stuff very strong had me coffee on the first puff in mind you got a new when it comes to this but these are very strong I enjoy these they’re very expensive and they’re very small if you smoke as much as I do he’s not gonna last you going to give you a little high 10 I feel good chill relaxed especially on this beautiful wonderful Sunday after the massive brutal dump.

They say this is premium flower , I don’t doubt that for one minute I don’t know how they make these things so strong because this one is not even infused so if you ever have a chance to try one of these without a doubt you will fall in love with them and strong little hitters all right guys that was my review for this one joint as I said I’m gonna chill today in the morning we’re going a little hike it’s a Nature in me get some sun in me and then later tonight hustle mode x100 let’s get it Monday is around the corner keep on pumping your Crypto bags no matter the price.

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Nice relaxing body high with a hint of cerebral action, makes me a bit chilled back does not make me feel couch stuck, nice mid day high.
Not so strong in the sedation part maybe since it’s mostly sativa dominate.


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packed in a glass jar? that's new