Two months in Rising Star

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Hello, this is my second Rising Star Post. Last post was at the first 10,000 Starbits milestone, and purchased my first star pack.

Earning Starbits were easier since last post, and now along with some HIVE, I managed to purchase the deal with 12 Star Packs.

And, man oh man, I have gotten some good boost from the purchase.


My current singer is Bolly Wood, both of these two have more fans, but little bit less skill points. However, I can definitely do more music lesson to cover the lost.


Much better instruments than a cheap violin.


My last vehicle was the cheap car. This is definitely a huge upgrade. Again, I might take a lot of damage from the ego department, but I can work on the music lessons to drop my ego down.

Financially this is definitely a good investment with my Starbits, don't you think?


As the log says, I am in full throttle to attending the music school. But I have now a huge fan base, so that I can start higher level missions inside the home town when I am ready with enough skills. Who knows I might leave home town really soon.

Rank Improvement: 145 since last post.


Those are some nice cards and good job improving your ranking. That touring coach will definitely overpower your skill with your current cards but I think you should be able to solve it eventually with music lessons. One suggestion is pizza boxes and cold pizza slices. If you don't have them, you can buy them with starbits. I think it will help you more as you do more missions and will be good for your entire Rising Star career.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have pizza box, but have not ever bought any cold pizza slices yet. I will definitely look into this (Yes, it did not make sense before with my old cards, now it might be a different case).

Yeah, I have continued to add more skill points from music lessons, so that I could reduce my current ego and limit the increase from missions.

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Cold pizza slices are sold on the market for 10k Starbits and they give you a full energy bar every 24 hours. The cooldown starts after you sue it. It will definitely help you if you are running low on pizzas and haven't been able to find any discarded pizzas.

Congrats on rising in the charts. Keep up those your music lessons. 😊

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Will do. Thank you.

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Those are some preet awesome cards. We'll done. Here's to climbing that chart. Top 100, watch out!

Thank you. Looking for the day I would move up to top 100 :)

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It will be sooner than you know. Keep rising!

Hey, i see spaminator downvote you.

I made a post teaching how solve this problem.

If you want check my profile

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Ah, Thanks. I found your post. I will try to get in the Discord to resolve this. Much appreciate it.

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If u can, please reblog it

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Reblogged. Again, thanks for the help.

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