My Day and Getting my 2nd Dose of Vaccine for COVID-19

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Good Day Guys

Finally, I was able to get the 2nd dose of my vaccine today.

But before everything else, let me share with you guys about my day. I woke up at around 6:15 am and rushed my blog and got ready for work. Apparently, I left at around 7:40. My mom offered to drive me because I was going to get vaccinated. There's a chance that I might feel an adverse reaction after it so I didn't want to risk it because someone that I knew felt dizzy after receiving the second dose. I didn't expect that there would be traffic going to my workplace. So it's my first time to be late after a year. I was late for only 2 minutes.

Going to work after the Holidays, I was expecting more discharged patients. When I was searching the names of our patients. Most of them were still there. There were only 2 patients out of the 7 who were discharged. We also had 2 new referrals. I texted the doctors regarding the new referrals. We were just talking with each other while waiting for our doctor to do the rounds.

Finally, the doctor finished and endorsed all the patients to us. We had good news because our doctor didn't let us treat the new patient because he was strong and was for discharge. The other one was for peg insertion. We got ready with our things then went up. Nothing much has changed because the elevator still doesn't work which makes it a hassle to climb all the flights of stairs just to go to our patients. We went to patient 1, and I was becoming deaf while treating him because there was a backhoe trying to destroy the old concrete posts. It was also difficult to talk to the patient because I had to shout or wait for it to stop drilling. I was surprised that our patient was a lot better compared to last week, we even did dynamic sitting balance exercises. After we finished we went to patient 2 and his Vital Signs were not cooperating with us especially his SPO2 levels. He was also experiencing tachypnea, we reported it to the nurse and she told us to increase the oxygen intake. Then we treated him. We went to patient 3 after, he looked like he's recovering from his stroke. Though I only stayed there for a while because I had to go down and get ready before getting vaccinated.

I went down to gather all the stuff that was needed and I had to climb all these steps going to the clinic. They call these steps the "abortion steps". Most of the terrain here in Baguio has slopes and stairs so usually, your legs are going to develop if you live here.

When I got to the vaccination site, all the steps were the same as before. We had to answer this Health declaration form and I didn't make mistakes, unlike last time. The only new thing here was that we had a Vaccination Card.

They would all your sit number one by one and the first step was to show your vaccination card and take your temperature. The second was to sign a waiver. The Third step was getting the Vital signs and a doctor interviewed me. When the nurse was getting my Vital Signs he noticed that my Phone and asked what model is it. I told him Xiaomi and we were talking about hit because we have the same phone which was cool. The doctor was even asking if Xiaomi was nice and we both said Yes because of the price to specs ratio. After that, I had my vaccine. The one who injected me was different from before and his hands were heavy and I felt it.



After that, I had to go to the monitoring area where they monitor your Vitals signs every 15 minutes for 30 minutes. They would also ask what was I feeling. I noticed the person beside me and he was my schoolmate before so I was just talking with him until the monitoring was done.

I was surprised that the person monitoring me knows me because I was the first batch of people who got COVID19 before and was taken care of by the hospital. My case before was pretty complicated because I tested positive for how many times for a span of weeks so they had to check my antibodies and made sure that I was not infectious before going back to work. I was actually working before even though I was positive though I was labeled as recovered already.

When I got back to our department, my colleague finished all the other patients. After that, we ate lunch and we were just talking and waiting for the text of the other doctor regarding our new patient. Me and my colleague decided to go to our HR and ask about the Certificate of Employment that they gave because it had no contact number and address. The contact number and address are needed according to the agency where we are applying. When we went to HR they said that they can't do anything about it because they have to hold a meeting regarding the format. I find this really stupid because they just cant print our COE with a heading that has the contact details and address. Whoever thought of the format is also stupid because why wouldn't you put the contact details and address on the COE? How can an employer verify your working experience? They also didn't give us a definite date when they can give us another COE.

When we were walking back we were really frustrated with my colleague. Just for some small details, they wouldn't even fix it for us. We then headed back to our department. I received a text message from our doctor regarding the management of the new patient. We went up again and treated our last patient. I was also stupid during that time because I thought our patient was a guy and I was addressing him as a guy until my colleague pointed out that she was a girl. I felt kinda ashamed but our patient said that it was okay. We were able to make our patient walk, she was strong even though she had a stroke.

We then went down and received a call that one of our patients was for discharge so we had to go back up and give them our number just in case they wanted to continue their treatment outside. We went back down again and disinfected all our equipment, charged and updated the doctors.

At exactly 5 o clock my mom picked me up and she was with our dog, Pierre. Before going home we had to pass by for my siblings at SM. After that, we bought eggs and charcoal then got home.

When I got to the house, I disinfected I'm glad that the only thing that I felt was the heavy arm after getting vaccinated. I then used my computer while waiting for dinner. Then we ate dinner and my mom prepared us Chicken Mami. It was really delicious.

Before the day ended we tried breeding the tarantulas of my brother again. We were shocked that it inserted 7 times without getting killed. When we saw the female really angry my brother separated them. I hope that it's pregnant. I hope that you guys enjoyed your day.

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me .




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Hello my friend from Baguio. How have you been? Glad to see you already got your shot. What brand did you get?

Hello po sir! Welcome back! Haven't heard from you for a long time. I'm doing okay living life and getting tired of Covid haha. I was really lucky that they offered HCWs the first shots. I didn't care what brand as long as I get vaccinated I'm happy. I don't want to risk suffering from severe covid in the future. They gave us Sinovac so far so good. I hope that you're doing well at your place. Stay safe always po!

Yes important to get the shots no matter what brand. Yun din advise ng friend ko na doctor. Well I'm glad to be back. Depressing na ang covid second time na mag bday ng anak ko sa bahay hhaahha.

Nakakadepress po talaga, andaming namamatay ngayon dito sa Baguio. Nakakamiss na rin mag travel hehehe. Let's just do our best to stay alive po! Stay safe always po!

Hi.. are you on discord?

Yes, I am

Sucks for you and your future genes. Oh wait, the untested, malevolent jab meant only to kill your conscious causes sterility too. yea, sucks for you. Good job sticking up for your rights. If you had done your research you would have had a second opinion, but being a 🐑 to the state that enslaves you is only beneficial to those in power. I doubt after so many jabs you will be able to even move. Go back to sleep. go watch tv. pay your taxes slave. We who are awake will mourn your loss of mind.