Photo 52, 2020 Challenge, Week Number 29 - Summertime!

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Summertime! Well, here in Malaysia, we don't have the 4 seasons... Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter... Our weather here is all year summertime... We have sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy day... And we have Mr Sun with us all year round...

So we can enjoy the beach almost all year round (uhm, except the monsoon season)...

So here's my entry for this week challenge... Our family trip to Lumut last year... Vinnie playing the sand by the beach...

Rules can be found here at this post

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sunny all year round, ... it's the so-called height of summer here in the UK, .. and it hasn't stopped raining all day, .. windy tomorrow, .... you have it soooooo good, ... I bet even the monsoon weather is great...

I really Msian weather.. be it sun, rain or whatever.
Never thought I would miss it so much

How different is the weather in Vietnam?

In Saigon, its similar to KUL but in Hanoi which is up north, it has 4 seasons