Still on my Quest ;) .... My first ever track + HIVE Winners

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I hope you've had a lovely past week

I thought today I would share one of my first ever creations that I released into the public-o-sphere, a track titled "A-Quest".

What started out as initially wanting to pay tribute to one of the greatest musicians to ever live (imo) "Phife Dawg" from A Tribe called quest, actually threw my entire life onto the path where I am today. It was after making this track that after showing to a few people said that I should not only take my productions more seriously, but that I should also "do music more seriously".

So I posted it on soundcloud, put it on reddit asking for feedback etc and eventually someone ended up asking whether they could play it on their online radio show.


I was barely 18, just released a track and someone asked to play it already so you imagine how much I YES'd the YES out of that request.

Now whilst I doubt I would get the sample clearance required to put it on say something like Spotify or Apple Music, I do occasionally come back to it to listen to it as a little "sonic-signpost" in time, like "damn I used to make it like this?" or in reality, "How tf did I ever let this leave ableton with the mids like that" 😭. I joke because I still do really like the sample and was quite pleased with myself when I found out that no-one up until that point had flipped it like that.

Quite mental to think where the music is going now and I know for 100% certain that past me would never of believed that he would of been playing in an actual nightclub that next year 😍.

That sample you hear throughout is actually a bit of a hidden gem of ATCQ's called "I Like it Like that" which you can check out here!

Let me know what you think, its definitely a bit rough around the edges but I feel like its got that 2016-lofi-house-craze vibe that everyone in the scene found themselves going through a while back. I'm sad that wave rose and the water rescinded but I am glad it happened because there are numerous DJ's, songs and even non-electronic artists that would not be as prevelant or popular if it didn't happen.

(thank god for algorithm's occasionally being in our favour like in this case, that's actually a whole story in of itself....hmm)

I just realised that the track is actually available for free download over on soundcloud for anyone who wants the HQ too!

Winner, Winner

Last week I asked the question, "Who are your teachers" and decided to throw in a prize for those that also shared a few of their inspirations - then realised that I had never actually labelled it as an actual competition-type-thing so for the next one I'm gonna make sure that I properly say it is 😭.

Thank you to @nathanmars for the retweet over on the twitter too, I'm upping the anti with these contests next week so any help and support is beautiful to me.

I am super happy to say that @quinnertronics gets the five HIVE prize for saying who inspires her as a creative, and ended up sharing this very cool Canadian artist called KID KOALA who really is out here just doing his own thing: and winning at it too.

You can check out some his work b e l o w


The brilliant @grizzle wrote a beautiful piece which you can read here on who his teachers were, including some brilliantly diverse names like Steve Reich, David Bowie, Frank Zappa and Aphex Twin **(one of my all time favourite artists too, and a massive massive inspiration for my own productions too) so I couldn't not also send another 5 HIVE his way too for such a brilliant breakdown :)

Keep ya eyes peeled for the next one

Biggest of love to the whole community, and hope everyone is as safe and healthy as can be!



I love that Kid Koala video, thanks for sharing. Many thanks also for the $HIVE, I wasn't expecting a prize, it was a great inspiration to write a post for me. Please enjoy some !BEER and !PIZZA as a token of my appreciation!



@blockchainyouth! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @grizzle.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at

Your a legend and no worries! I was very sneaky with it :))

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ha nice. .id say you flipped it good because i couldn't recognize the sample and ive had that album since it came out...saw them in 98 on tour with beastie boys.

but yeah you dont wanna get blacklisted from the streaming services!

Thank you I’ll take that always aim to impress a true fan :)

And that makes me very jealous I bet it was amazing

also, wow and thank you, i didn't even know i entered a contest!

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