Authenticate 5000 Users for Free With Passwordles ...

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Authenticate 5000 Users for Free With Passwordless API

  • Works for Web, iOS, Android
  • $0.003 or lower cost per Auth
  • Plugins for Postman, Shopify, Wix, Wordpress
  • Biometrics supported

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$0.003 or lower cost per Auth

That is still higher than my upvote value nowadays. And I am not even joking. It is around $0.0015 and $0.002.

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Everyone starts like that, as long as you stay active, you'll get to $0.01+ upvote value in no time!

Anyway, normal people don't need to use this Authentication service, I believe only companies or high-security websites can make use of it. Consumers side is most likely free.

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Things should get better as HIVE price goes up.
Best of Luck!

After reading this site for a bit, I assume it's an alternative to Google Auth (and even Logins) for service providers?

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