I opened my fourth 3-Card Pack on Rising Star using STARBITS earned in game!

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I opened my fourth 3-Card pack bought using STARBITS earned in game!


(The card at the right is "Limo". That's how the game is displayed on mobile devices.)



Congradulations. I suggest you focus on a single type of instrument because they increase the skill points you get from lessons.

Well, I have no control over what instruments (if any) are in every 3-Card Pack.

Do you mean I should buy a specific type of instrument (such as microphone) directly from the Market instead? 🤔

Either trade with existing players (you can find some in discord) or sell the instruments you don't want to focus on and buy the one you want.

The game's interface confuses me a lot. That's why I refrain from selling anything, especially when I don't know what price to set. 😐

I also seldom use Discord. I use it only a few times a month to play online realtime multiplayer with people I personally know. 😐

Basically if you have like 20 of one instrument, the amount of skill that lesson gives increases (min and max). If you spread it out to like 5 different types with 4 each, then those 5 lesson will give a slightly more than the base but less than if you stacked them.

I underdsand what you mean with focusing on just one instrument to maximize Skill gained from Music Lessons. However, until there are better ways of selling not-so-needed cards and buying needed cards, I would just open packs.   :-|

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Oh boy, you got an Epic Harp
Great going
Rock On!

Nice! I have the speedboat also and hope today i can also buy another pack. I am really close to 10k :) Maybe 2-3 missions and i am there.

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In my experience, the easiest way to earn 10,000 STARBITS in the game is to finish the "Saturday Headline" mission once a day. It will take you less than 9 days to buy your first 3-Card Pack that way. You can do that more than once a day, but watch out for the Ego increase. 🤔

Cool thanks for your advice :) I will try it, but still I am just at lvl14 :)

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Nice double epic! I bet you now need to do some lessons.

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Yes, music lessons indeed! 😅