Why So Serious?

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Although I always try to make my post lighthearted and somewhat funny. The reason is, you'll get the Inspirations a lot from so many but where to get the Laughter from? I know now and then life kicks us down. It kicks me down too and I wonder where did it get the legs from, a stone giant? Well, there are days when we're so down that we don't even feel like talking to someone in our usual way and they start to think that we've been possessed by a deity, not unusual though.


The point is, Inspirational quotes are great, Life-Changing is better, those badass all fabulous quotes are just simply marvelous, but sometimes we just don't want to take advice. Sometimes we just want to be left alone, even though we know that we don't feel like ourselves and we just want the whole world to stop; but that doesn't happen.

The line that I'll share with you today has been my go-to quote for years.

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.– Elbert Hubbard


So when all those inspirations and advice don't help you, try comedy. Funny quotes can distract you for a while, I tried that. It has immediately given me space from stuff that I didn't want to reflect on at that moment; it gave me time to think things clearly. Whatever I was going through and whatever worked for me not necessarily will work for you. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

No, I will not turn to Arthur Fleck aka Joker, and say " Why so serious?" but I have been taking life a little less seriously and having a little bit more fun than usual. Oh come on, you all work and do stuff and then make contents here, how much time do you have apart from all that? Not so much, am I right, or am I right?

So, pick your go-to funny, cheer-up-instantly quote and store it in your brain cells, then give yourself some time and feed your heart countless numbers of inspirational quotes. Then get back to your awesome-self, it missed you. Here's another one that I like:


So, share your theories. I know I can't possibly be right all the time; besides, I ain't you. Okay, enough monologuing (just kidding, I know I'm a lot of fun). So, I'll be seeing you soon. Thank you.



In my case, I don't look up quotes. I watch comedy shows. The more deadpan, dark-comedy it is, the better.

You're not wrong about us not having much of a life outside of work. Curse of our century but it gets better when you're aware of your jail and constantly seeking ways to break free.

we all have our own cells... some are trying to get free and some are trying to make that cell somewhat tolerable