Hey, What's Up???

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"Nothing much" That's what she said
"Nothing much" That's what he said too.
"Nothing much" a phrase that we all use almost every day.
Even if there's too much to disclose, we often choose to say "Nothing much."


Maybe we're more closed off than we lead others to believe, maybe we're facing too much to share with anyone or maybe just maybe nothing is actually going on.

It's a very 'in general" kind of thing, I think we mostly use it because we don't want to disclose every detail to the person we're having the conversation with. At times I even use this phrase to cut short a conversation, and this particular phrase is the least offensive way to do that.

Some will say that saying "Nothing much" is a dreadful answer but what if, just what if the person really had nothing interesting to share about. For example, my weekends are usually spent at home. After 6 working days, I prefer to stay home and rest, so if anyone asks me "What's Up?" I'll definitely say "Nothing much" even if that person is my bestie.


There are two sides to a coin. And so will be the situation for the person saying "Nothing much". This topic is actually an idea from a friend. Yesterday I was having a chat with a friend and when he asked me "What are you doing?" I said "Nothing much". No, he didn't complain about the answer, rather he said "Hey, good topic." I answered "What?" He said "Yea you can write a post for this answer in your blog." And there you go, I made it into a post. The point is, sometimes even we have to think of why the other person responded this way and not jump to conclusions too fast.


This is quite different from what I usually write about. The way my friend was showing his understanding of my situation is something that had transpired to share this concept with all of you. The ones who care will understand; the ones who don't care will have different opinions. Stay well and stay blessed.



Indeed, there doesn't always have to be something to be shared or "up". That's why I choose when I ask that question. When I'm in a hurry or I know that someone has just lost someone dear to them. When people want to tell you something or are ready to share, then it's on their terms.

But funny though, that when it comes to me I usually always have something to tell or say 😅
Especially when I meet up with my cousin and she asks "what's new?". Usually the first thing's "nothing much", but before you know it I have a ton to share. Haha but that's just me

Well i do have oftentimes so many things to share but i don't share with everyone... but there's something that I noticed... when I was writing this post, I Googled for replies to "nothing much" and I saw that almost nobody likes if they get a reply "nothing much". And they couldn't even keep an open mind to the other person's situation... I was actually glad that my friend had kept an open mind to it lol

Well that's a good friend 👍

On the flip side there are also people who don't like to be asked that question, because they feel as if people just ask as a way of greeting, but are not really interested in the answer. In situations like these it's indeed better to have an open mind.