A Letter To The Future - Catching Up With Myself

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Greetings everyone. This happens to be my first attempt at a contest of Bdcommunity. This time the contest is about A letter to the Future.

Although I haven't thought of what the future is going to be like for me writing a letter to myself may get me nostalgic for a few brief moments. So what do I want to say to myself? I wonder what my life is going to be like 10 years from now but it will serve as a great reminder. Here we go,

Pep Talk 2031.png

Dear Dazzling You,

Yes, you. Oh, shush, you know you're great. Do you know what's the day today? It's 7th January 2021 and you know you're in a pickle. So many things are happening at the moment and one of the biggest decisions waiting to be made at the top of your to-do list. If you're in doubt about the choices you made then don't be. You chose well.

I hope you're just as funny as you were before. Yes, you have a great sense of humor. Thank goodness I don't even have to remind you to stay the same. Do not forget to make others laugh too, alright? Always remember that you're loved and cared for.

You've started this year with some hope. But more than hope, you've got plans this year. Big plans where you finally set your foot on foreign shores and start striking places off ya bucket list.

As we both know "Us" I know that you're barely taking care of yourself. Oh did I remind you that you have made a resolution to take better care of yourself? Silly you, you forgot. Okay, start with that. I know life was harsh somewhat; but hey, you're here. You always take care of everyone else but also prioritize yourself. You've made yourself a priority this year and I hope you do that too in the year 2031.

I'm so proud of you. You have faced so many difficulties and yet here you are, standing strong and fighting your own battles. And that's the best thing about you. You have managed to stay strong for everyone, and you aced it.

Is mom still being a little babyish? I know she's going to make a big fuss over Ana going to college. Oh boy, is she going to cry! You've to manage both of them, okay? Ana is strong so you won't have to worry much about her, thank goodness! How did the time fly by so fast! Our niece, all grown up and going to college! Years do fly by faster.

Anyways, stay the way you are. Not the dismal you, the Ever-so-funny you, no you're not funyuns. If you become dismal for more than 48 hours, I'll haunt you for 480 hours straight. Yea, that's the one we both love. Oh, do taunt your friends as much as possible.

A Letter To The Future.png

Yours Truly
Fantabulous Me.

I would like to invite @hafizullah bhai for this contest. I have had fun writing this. Although it's mostly pep talk, don't we all need a little pep talk from ourselves. I hope you liked what I wrote. Thank you so much, everyone.



It sure is a pep talk but a fun read.
I am glad to know how well you communicate with your future self.
Your mom babyish? Lol, I think I will have to go report you 😝😂🏃‍♀️
By the way, nice letter to your future self

Please don't tell her I said that lol.. she'll throw a tantrum 😂😂 thank you so much... I think we all need a pep talk every now and then

Lol, you have to bribe me to something before I keep my mouth shut🤭😉
Yea I guess we do

Hmm... This has began to have me wonder, where will I be in 2031. I have no idea, I know I make so many plans but I really don't know. I wrote a post before about a letter to myself in 2019. It seems you read that.

I like your letter, it made me smile at the way you were talking/writing to yourself.

Honestly (don't kill me) I haven't read yours yet 😛 but I wonder what you'll be like 10 years from now... your plans will all be in motion

I would maybe be in Canada. Who knows

That will happen too 😁


Thank you

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