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Have you ever felt the way, you are running out of words while you are creating an article? It feels like you are blank, you do not have any other idea, to write the next line of your content! If you have faced those situations then I suppose you should know, how irritating that moment actually is. In terms of words, it is actually refereed by the term Writer's Block!

I am not really used to writing at all but over the past couple of years, I have been making an approach towards writings articles (especially blog posts on Steem & now in HIVE) and so far there were plenty of blog post that have been written by me. Start from novice and slowly trying to get better as time passes by. Regardless of all this, The enthusiasm towards writing have practically drove me this far. I suppose that fire will drive me much more along the road.


If I am being honest, I do go through this sort of situation aka "Writer's Block" pretty often. Upon doing some dig ups, I was able to find some interesting facts and as it seems I have been performing those activities, in order to get out this block. Sometimes it really works very fast and sometimes it does not.

  • Whenever you go through this situation, the first that goes through my mind is, my hands stays in the keyboard and the screen is literally empty. I have no idea what top write and sometimes it goes beyond that, like I do not even know what topic to actually write about! As funny as it sounds but it is indeed a reality.

  • Upon doing some dig ups, I was able to find, one of the main reason this actually happens is because of the surrounding of yours. Let me elaborate it a little bit: Let's say, you are in a difficult position to concentrate due to the environment of yous and your mind is not really in focus to write, so eventually you will end up writing crap or you will not be able to focus at all. Thus that state of mind will arrive and you will probably feel like your mind is not working properly at all.


I am not really sure how you would get out of it. As I ain't an expert on this. But what I usually do, which helped me plenty of times is I try to focus on something else. If I have to give an example then let me say, I try taking a walk and lately it is not possible (thanks to COVID) I walk from one room to another in my home and due to that, I sometimes had to face different situations for that, like my mother often asks what happened, is there anything wrong? that sort of stuff. While Sometimes it works and sometimes it makes the situation even worse!

I often try out hanging with my friends. Yeah, I know, I know covid has got us and thanks to that, my DISCORD activities have increased (even before covid I was attracted towards discord, thanks to few people) and talking with them and sharing some moments with them, it really helps to get out of that block. And almost 90% of the time it works for me. I guess, I do have some good friends out in here (if any of those friends are reading this, I am JK guys, don't take it seriously lol).


There are plenty of other ways to get away from this stage. Some writers prefer to stay alone, some likes to take a break from the usual activities, some even try cooking and some even likes to listen to music and free their mind. Well, in short it kind of depends on you, how you are and what you actually like to do, when everything shuts down for you! It is not anything physiological, it just happens due to the stress that you have built up and you just need to find a way to let those stress go away from your mind and body as well. Once it is done, you should be ready to go! These are my observations and the way I try to deal with these sort of situations. What do you do, when you face writers block and most importantly how do you come back from it? Do let me know!!

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You know, it's funny but I even deal with this in video content creation. It's the same concept...I will be filming a video & have this awesome idea I want to convey, whether it's funny or inspiring. The thoughts are there in my head...I feel inspired & reved up....I turn on the record button & open my mouth....

Absolutely NOTHING. lol My mind draws a blank & when I try to force the flow, I hit more & more resistance every time. So, yes I get it lol.

And the suggestions you made do work - it's as you said, it depends on the person & what resonates for them. For me, it's a walk somewhere (short or long) or turning on the music. Music inspires me a lot so it usually helps me realign & then I can move forward.

No matter how great we are as creators, we are all bond to encounter this from time to time. The only way we can fail is not try at all. ;)

Thanks for a great post! :)

Hahaha I can feel the way you feel in (in terms of video content). I have gone through thought that as well. Honestly, it does hurts when it happens but I suppose sometimes it can not be avoided, despite what we do.

While, regardless of all this, I love that phase when it all comes back to places after that short break and you are good to go with new energy and start with new approach, as if you get a boost from that little/big break.

No matter how great we are as creators, we are all bond to encounter this from time to time.

Agreed. and this does reminds us we are humans not bots lol jk. And at the end want to say, NO QUITTING AT ALL!. We just need to make it work in one way or another.
Have a nice day Pixie!

Great post @rehan12, to be out walking and especially in nature is something I do every day before recording my videos, and it always helps me to relax and clear my head, but as you said many countries are in a lockdown and it's hard to go out, the fact is that pacing from room to room indoors has quite the opposite effect of walking outside, for indoors activity try ropeskipping or hitting a boxing sack instead, that will relax your mind, or if you are tired try a power nap there are good videos to helps with that, keep up your great work.

hey Flaxz, I also am a very big fan of nature and also love to take some stroll into the nature whenever I get the time. But situation in my country in quite worse thus can't make it outside every often. And tbh I miss those nature bonding times. Hopefully it will be back soon.

While thanks for the tips my man. I am not really into any activities lately (especially in terms of health) lol, blame corona jk. But I am used to ropeskipping from the past, done that while I was working out in the past. But probably will take that up for some time now and will see the difference.

Thanks for the tips buddy! Have a great day.


Interesting post 😊😊 I enjoy writing from the heart, even the mundane can be made special 😉👍

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Yep, as I was writing this post, I had no topic for the day to write about. But at the end BLOCK became the topic itself for me.

That's so cool 😉👍

I always find first paragraph is most difficult to write in whole post.
Writing on some personal post (like your travel journey, your experience recently) may put you ease on writing and help you in writing.(IMO).

I often get to stuck to that as well. But once those 1st few lines are written down, the rest gets taken care of very much easily.

While yep, personal posts like you stated are pretty easy to start with and get it done. While at the end we learn along the way and improve ourself as we move on.
Tnx for dropping by.

Many times I face this kind of problem.
Then I feel very annoyed.

It sure is annoying indeed. While how do you get out of that situation?

I watch some funny videos and when my mood gets better,
Again I start writing ...

Everyone related with writing either the serious writers or the amateur one, faces this situation.

Somebody become frustrated that why their words are not working spontaneously.

As usual, I had writers block many times. I am an amateur writer, so it doesn't any serious matter that I can't write for some days.

I usually like to read and read again my previous writings, it actually helps me to overcome this problem.

yeah, eventually this is a step which almost all of us are aware of. But at the end, what I see is, it's a good step to go through. Does helps in several ways for a writer.

I usually like to read and read again my previous writings

While, will try it next time. Hopefully it will help. Thanks for sharing the tip.

I agree that sitting at the keyboard trying to figure out what to type can be very frustrating. Thanks for the tips.

Hope it helps btw!!

I face it almost daily, what gets me out is I start engaging on hive then I am ready to write something.

Well, that sure is a nice way to get back on track :)
Thanks for sharing!

Sooner or later, every content creator gets to the "block"... Great post about it!

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dreat post

Great post about the struggles of being a blogger.

I experience that most of the time. Find it hard to write anything. Can have different ideas but when trying to get it written down, its like they disappear all of the sudden..

great post

Nice post..

We all get writers block from time to time. Some days it's easy, you can create content without even putting any effort really. Then other days it can be a huge struggle. Sometimes it's good to walk away for a short time and come back with a fresher outlook, but that doesn't always work either.

I can always find something to write about, once I sit down. My problem is finding time to sit down and write.

We all have writer's block and we go through this situation sometimes. I think it is totally up to the person to get out of this. Sometimes I have no idea what I'm going to talk about in the video or write about. I know I have to do it. When that specific time to make content comes and I don't have much time left, it becomes more clear what I'm going to talk about.

Thank you @rehan12 for sharing this.

WTG @rehan12 ... Never give ... keep on keeping on ... you are doing so much more than 90% of the people out there.

I remember a time or two that this has happened to me. I guess every writer has a bit of 'writer's block' now and then.