What does the Future holds for us?

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The future! It holds a deep meaning for us all. For some people, it is just another word which holds close to no value at all, whereas, for some people, it is a word which haunts them constantly at every turn of their life and you better not forget about those, who have no idea what future really holds for them, even after giving their best in every circumstance of their life. Life is a surprising turn of event, which plays with us whenever it gets the chance to do so!


What am I doing with Crypto?

If I have to answer that honestly, then I should say, I still am not sure how to answer this question, as I probably have seen nothing as of today of this vast world! I still have much more knowledge to obatin and educate myself about the the questions which I still do not have answers of. Regardless of all this, I am quite involved in this crypto space and without any doubt, it is taking a very big chunk of my time every day. Not that I am regreeting or having any doubts about it but the unseen fact still remains at the back of my mind, which is "Where will I be, in the next few years?"

Although the fact of HIVE is quite different for me! I am not sure how this would sound but the entire time that I have invested in here, has somehow given me the will power to keep on going! Not only in terms of finance but in terms of speaking up for thyself, maintaining abalance in my attitude, looking forward to help others and walk side by side with them and similarly there are plenty of other things which has kept me in here all this time.

Is it the right place for me?

This is one of the most difficult question that I face. Now recently, before I was writing this blog post, I was having a chat with a friend of mine in HIVE and that user was having doubts about his/her journey in here. The facts should be given more priority than of emotion, that is because life is full of unexpected situations and those situations needs facts and real time solutions than of emotions alone. Did my best to state the facts and solutions for that person and hopefully that person got it. But at the end of teh day, I can just say those words but the decision should be taken by the person himself.

What if Cryptocurrency reaches the highest glory, like it did in the past?

By glory I meant to say all time high price. Now it is not certain when that will happen or will it even happen again. But as a person who has seen that bull run, I am pretty damn optimistic about that and I am explicitly waiting for that moment to happen again. You may also say, I am getting prepared for it. Either way crypto has been kind of a savior for me in several ways, I might be biased about my words but it is what it is! Nothing can be done, sorry!

Neverthless, at the end I just want to say, crypto can be highly volatile and depending on it alone is probably not the best decision to make for a person (unless you are a millionaire or a billionaire). If I say for myself, whatever I have as of now, the prime share came out from my dedication, time and effort, I hardly have invested liquid money but even after that I value that time and effort of mine. So I am going to see this road at the end of it.

Shared some of my thoughts about crypto and its attributes, these are my thoughts only and not any sort of advice. DYOR in terms of finance and investment. As every cent, every second matters! Use them in the right way!

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