Wanderlust (ভ্রমণের নেশা) || এই নেশা বড় আজব নেশা....

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Traveling, exploring, and get to witness the beauty of mother nature is something that has always attracted me. I am probably among those people who like to travel whenever they get the chance to do so. Over the last couple of years, I never expected to make such changes in my life and most of it happened due to travel. This may have made some significant changes in my life but I do not regret those changes in my life for even a second. Stay tuned to get to know a little more about me.

Wanderlust 1.png

I still remember when I visited my village home on a vacation and there was a football tournament happening in the village. My Uncle was the organizer of that tournament and he invited me to watch the match, as it was probably the final match. I refused to go there and my uncle said something which as of today, I still can remember the exact words, তোমরা শহরের ছেলেরা ফার্ম এর মুরগী হয়ে যাচ্ছ যত দিন যাচ্ছে. I laughed pretty hard after hearing that statement. The reason that I was unwilling to go, was because I had to travel by foot and take transport and in between, there was a river which we will have to cross by boat, so it was no less than an expedition to me. Since I was not into exploring or traveling at that period I reluctantly gave up on his offer. But in the past, I was in school/college sports really attracted me towards them but the chaos of life has somehow made me stay away from sports for a long time thus I try to stay away from sports as much as possible.

The reason I shared one of the memory was that I wanted to let you know, how introverted I was when it came to traveling or exploring. But time really heals people and here I am today standing and can take any step to make a plan for any sort of travel or an expedition.

নিজের টাকায় তো অনেক ঘুরলাম এখন ঘুরতে হবে অন্যের পয়সায়

Since I got into this traveling spree, I was exploring a lot back in those days and I must say each and every travel was unique in its own way. In 2012, one of my friends knocked me about an opportunity to work with ROBI, telecommunications of Bangladesh. I was offered either of these two jobs, to work from the office or work with a group in the field. The benefit of working in the field was I will be able to explore the whole Sylhet Division for 30 days without even spending a single penny from my wallet. Another information excited me, was the task that we will be going for, will end up within an hour or so, which meant we will have the whole day to us to explore the place where we will be going for that day. This was not preferred to me as a job but I more of took it as a travel journey of 30 days with some friends.


I went to places, where I have never been nor I think I would have ever visited those places in my life, if not for this trip. Extreme places where you can see people are still not much aware of about, the internet. I also had long and straighten my hair back then and I was like an alien to some people, I had to listen to some witty comments from many people and honestly it was mixed feeling when I listened to those. Extreme food experiences from the locals and some peculiar food standard which got me real-time. In a village, we also had to face some elders who were complaining about the work of ours and we had to dismiss our job out there and move from that village. Some people still are very much aggressive towards certain things/issues which they have never heard or done before. All of these were something new for me and as of today I still remember those days and those incidents which happened to us like as if it was yesterday.

You may ask, Why is it still on my mind? Honestly, I worked for lot of people and companies but all those were more like professionalism to me but this trip was something else and I probably enjoyed the most if I compare it with my other trips or travel.

As of today, (before this corona) I took each and every chance to explore from one place to another. I never really thought I would not only travel for the sake of entertainment but also it would back me up financially as well. Thanks to the Blockchain, everything is exciting if you know your way out towards it. I shared my trips with you all (back it was steem) and it was such an awesome feeling to share my exciting moments with you all.

ভবিষ্যৎ ভ্রমন পরিকল্পনা

I am not sure, whether we will even survive this pandemic or not. While by the grace of Allah if we do, I really have a plan to make this travel life a huge part of mine. Not only that if possible I want to explore each and every place of my country and I want to actually LIVE these moments as if it was the end of time. In addition to that, if possible I want to document my travel experience and share them with the world, with you guys. And In Sha Allah that will happen sooner than later.


I have been following this couple KARA & NATE for a long time ON Youtube and their travel story have really got to me and in a way, I must say their way of travel has made me realize how to enjoy the time and make a living out of it. Check them out as well on YOUTUBE, CHANNEL LINK!!!

If I ever get the chance, after my country I would definitely target the world tour. And some of the places I have in mind are :

Countries in mind
Hanmoy, Norway

and many other places. Hopefully one day this addiction of travel will be fulfilled. Till then, just keep moving forward.

Last but not least, বিয়ে তো করতেই হবে, যদি সম্ভব হয় তাহলে KARA & NATE এর মত, আমার WOULD BE এর সাথে দুনিয়া ঘুরবো সেই কথা মনে পরে গেল शादी का लड्डू जिसने खाया उसने पछताया, जिसने नहीं पाया उसने भी पछताया So if I have to repent, it would be better to repend after having the laddo : ) !!

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Image source : 2 , Switcherland , Maldives , Norway


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