Epic moment of the day, coming closer to the Nature.....

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Happy Friday everyone

I hope you are having an amazing day. Today is that day of the week, to relax and sit back and enjoy some me-time for myself. Technically Friday is our weekend and who does not likes the weekend. Since for quite some every day of the week is my weekend so that does not really make it much of a difference. But still, it is what it is.

Honestly, some small moments make up the day for some of us. Likely one of that sort of incident happened with me today. For the past few days, I have been updating you all with my garden and detailing you what is happening and how it is going. Well like everyday, i got some visitors as well. Likely, I never have experienced any butterfly or let alone a dragonfly sitting on my fingertip. That happened today yippppieeee....

Image 010 2.jpg

TBH I just felt slight tingle feeling and nothing else but this was something that I was looking for a very long time. As because, whenever I tried to take pictures of a butterfly or let's say a dragonfly the most problematic issue was they do not sit still. And it is difficult to take shots while they are moving. Bit one wish have been taken care of today!!!

Image 010 3.jpg

Different color dragonflies have been visiting the garden lately and it sure is a very nice feeling to go through. I met three of the dragonflies (three colors to be precise). Orange, Yellow, and Red dragonfly. The red one was more vibrant and colorful compared to the others.

Image 010 4.jpg

Image 010.jpg

Image 010 1.jpg

Apart from this incident, nothing extraordinary happened today. As usual the same old routine of me going throughout the day. Looking forward to the next half of the day and not sure why I am kind of excited about it. Let's see what really awaits for me. So till then, stay safe everyone!!


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When I was a child on my mom's farm there were many of these and I would chase them while they were flying, they are very fast, congratulations on your photography, they are spectacular.

Wow, those might have been some golden memories :)
I am not really used to these situations and that is why probably these situations excite me a lot lol. If you do visit anytime soon, do capture some of these memories and share them with us.
Thanks for dropping by!!

Great pictures, I have been around many dragon flies and have seen them land on many thing but never on anyone's finger. You may want to go play the lottery because this doesn't happen often. lol

lol yeah once in a blue moon this kind of thing happens. The lucky day it was, I should say.

Wow, your photography is so beautiful!

Thank you. Hopefully, I will be getting some more of these in the next few days. Let's see how it goes. Thanks for dropping by.

Wow...I have not seen red wedge jet 👀👀👌

Honestly, it was a nice moment for me ;)

You took some really nice pictures! Thanks for showing them.


Glad you liked them. Thanks for dropping by!!

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Wow so wonderful you were able to shoot the dragonflies and they are beautiful.
What a great thing to happen.