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Being a content creator is probably one of the best thing which happened to me! Among many of my activities, creating content has been by far the most productive and interactive for me. By nature I am an introvert person! It would be difficult to understand the feelings of an introvert, unless you are an introvert. If you are not, often situations gets nasty and also in certain situations, people take your silence in the wrong way. I fell into those situations various time. I am aware how it feels. Besides, I am probably away from this character or at least I am socializing much more, which does shows progress over my activities;)

One of the situations which bugged me for a very long time in the past which was Confronting over an issue. I used to avoid that. As whenever I come up with logic and statements from my pov, I end up hurting the person in front of me. And that is because I do used to get little fired up over these things. Do not blame me, my nature was that way lol. But like it is said time changes and so does our way of thinking.


Different POV :

Have you ever felt the way, where you are being guided but you are not acknowledging it? Thus you are making the conversation with the other party even more hectic than it already is. I suppose if you are somewhat arrogant, then you should have faced this sort of situation. Well, I was one of those and under various circumstances it did not end well for myself. But when you see the bigger picture, situation changes a lot for you! You will acknowledge it, if you get through those kind of situations.

At a certain point in your life, when you start to realize everybody has their own point of view, your way of thinking changes and sometimes you probably even start to figure out what the person in front of you is actually trying to say. In that case, I can actually say maturity comes at that stage. Some people might also say "age makes a person mature but in reality, real life experiences does that".

  • What you like, I may not like that

As simple as it sounds, this is a huge fact. The earlier you accept it, the more comprehensive you become with relations/in real life issues. Let me say few words about blog posts of ours in HIVE. There are plenty of niches for an author to choose from, and the curators who are actively curating from different communities they have their own priority. For instance, when I curate with my account I do visit the news feed of mine and go through different users posts. Anything that would make me feel like wow, noice, good, perfect etc, after going through a post, it shall be more than enough to curate. Many more things are considered but these are the basic points that I do look for. Now I can not cover every niche on the chain, the same goes for other people as well, so I suppose it deepens on the pov of a person, of what they are searching for!

  • Down to Earth

I met plenty of people in my life who are extraordinary! Despite of their knowings/wealth they are some people who are down to earth. I probably will cherish those moments which I spend with them, whenever I think of those. But the problem lies with the rest of those remaining ones. Not blaming anybody or pointing fingers every person has their own story in their life and probably because of those situations they have become what they are. They know best what they are doing. While for myself, it used to become little difficult to cope up with those certain individuals. If I say it in easy terms, there are very few boss who I would like to work again with in my life. I hope that should clear a lot lol.


I would not really care about the facts what others think of me but I would be damn sure to do the right thing and treat others as good as possible from my side. Even if it means going little low from my standard as well. But do not take that behavior for granted and walk all over someone. As some people remember everything, take that as a HINT!

Nevertheless, my point is there will be different opinion and different POV from different people. So do not judge someone based on that. And one more thing before I take a leave, I want to add "People change and so does their way of thinking".

An entrepreneur is a man who knows he can fail, but he does not accept to fail before he actually fails, and when he fails he learns from his errors and moves on.

Bangambiki Habyarimana

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