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How amazing is all this? Growing up in the neighborhood and realizing this is where you fit in! The memories, bad and good ones which make you think over and over again about the neighborhood of yours. I honestly can not believe that I have passed my whole life in this neighborhood. And let me take you to a tour of what and how exactly my neighborhood is!

Growing up in between the bricks of walls was probably not the way I wanted to see myself grow. But every action has its own perks and loss. And I am happy with how things went through overtime. I have grown up in the city and now that I think of the way how I have lived my life I have a different plan for myself to explore the way of my life for the next couple of years. I speak for myself. Being in the city, I was able to see and witness almost all the activities which make a teenage boy wonder, how things really work in fantasies and also made a grown-up man realize how cruel the world is!


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I apologize, as I will not be able to show you, how things are right now as my city (ward) is under redzone because of CORONA.

What I see, when I wake up?

Do you remember when you see those movies where the scenario of scenic view appears in front of your eyes when you wake up, that magical feeling is indeed something that can not be bought, well I do not get that kind of view. Even though I have lived in the city, I have seen it grow almost from scratch. As my grandfather and his father are from here, this transformation stories of this whole city are what I have listened over and over again.

There was a time when this city had its own reputation of green environment and nature. But at present, things have changed and now it is more like a commercial place and a part of rock beds for miles and miles.

People of this neighborhood?

As we are from here, a majority of the people are known to me. That gives a perk and as well as some disadvantages as well. My PARA is well known for its wittiness across other neighborhoods and we have a reputation of taking it to the next level in every way possible. Remember at the beginning of this post I told, even after all this there are things which kind of gives me chills being in here.

Whatever the occasion is if the time and surroundings suit it, we do celebrate it in our own way. Be that it may, 16th December or the New Year or even VALENTINES DAY ;) . It is celebrated with fun and excitement. It is like when you get together with the Bhai brothers of the PARA, time passes by without even knowing.


Now, what is more, entertaining than a real-world fight. Now do not get surprised as once in a while it happens in my neighborhood. Where your bhai brothers get together and fight alongside each other. Well technically as harsh as it sounds in reality, it is not really like that! Fights happen in an instant but it gets sorted out very much easily as well. The people of my neighborhood can be rowdy when need be and also can be humble as you want them to be. It all depends on how you treat other criteria. But they are always there when you need them. Whoever that it may be!

Nowadays, almost everything is slowly disappearing that is because life happened to us all. We all are busy in our own world and the word responsibility has taken over our heads very much in a harsh way.

How the neighborhood will be in the next couple of Years?

As the way it is going, it will soon turn into the jungle of brick buildings in the next 10 years or so. But I really wish that it would become much more friendly than it already is. As buildings are being made the increase of population is happening and soon it will be more crowded than it was in the past.

I always appreciate it whenever I came across nature. As because I have really been close to nature that much. Which really makes me feel better whenever I get the chance to be close to nature. That is why some of my contents are related to those things which you might have seen in my blog.

Now the next big question arrives, do I want to change to happen in my neighborhood? Well, technically I do not. But these changes have made us who we are and how we are. And as it is said changes are inevitable, cope up with them and make use of what you have in your surroundings. Enjoy the life and make the best use of it, with what you have!!


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well right ...fight part is exceptional 😊❤

lol tnx!! I figured that would be sth which might be little uncommon. Even though it does not sound as good as it is.

আপনার পাড়ার কিছু অরিজিনাল ছবি দিলে আরো ভালো হতো। ধন্যবাদ লেখাটির জন্য।

I wish I could do that but probably next time. Tnx for dropping by !!

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