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Good morning/evening everybody

How about some movie time today? I am always into movies which really makes me attached to its core whenever I am watching it. Thus mostly adventurous, thrilling, action movies/tv series attracts me a lot. Count me in if you have any good series/movies atm in your mind, share it in the comment section below.



It's based on an ancient time of around the year 1502. I was looking forward to the movie mostly because of the way how it was presented towards the audience. Like when you think about ancient movies, where tribes/ancient way of living etc are displayed, mot many movies do really comes to mind. As a result, an extra vibe of curiosity was working for myself before I started watching this movie. I will try my best to give a spoiler-free review so that I do not ruin your excitement ;)

The story starts with a tribe who lives in the jungle and they live the usual life as expected. The hunting, surviving and the excitement will keep you thrilled all throughout the movie. The most enticing part was the survival of the lead actor in the movie. How a PROMISE can really mean a lot to the person that you love and care for and even would die for? A promise. affection and love towards the dear ones of yours can make you fight with the uncertain and come back from the path of death.


I was surprised by some rituals that were displayed in the movie and as of today when you really think about them it feels like how people really used to think and how much limited their way of thoughts were. For instance, to satisfy the GODs you will have to kill the innocent in the name of the satisfaction of theirs. Such humble and wise thoughts. While going through history it is indeed proven, people were used much more than just slaves in the name of GODS and power of the ruler of those centuries. Can not blame them, as this was how life went by and I suppose even of today we are bound in the shackles but in a different way, that is just the difference.

Why should you give your time watching this movie?

First of all, if you are not really interested in watching how ancient people used to think or live their life, this movie will probably just make your appetite lose a bit. Apologies to compare it that way but since it is a raw action movie, which includes some vivid scenarios so be prepared to see some early aged ways of killing/thoughts and so on.


You will get the vibe of how actually life was lead during those times and mostly how power was effective over the weak ones. While in addition to that, I liked how the whole movie ran in a very simple but yet intriguing way to keep the audience connected all through the time. Even though the movie was released on 2006, it was a very nice concept and the implementation was perfect. The characters played their roles respectively and gave their best in every possible way. If you have some free time to spare, do give this movie a try and let me know how it was ;)

  • Movie Run time : 138 Mins
  • IMDB Rating : 7.8/10
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, Thrill

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I have watched the movie. Really it was an amazing one. I loved it