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Sitting at home is very difficult for any traveler. I love traveling, so I know how it feels. November, December are the months when I travel a lot, whether it's with my friends or alone. Every year I try to visit some new places. For the last 7/8 months, I haven't visited any place because of the Coronavirus crisis. It's very hard as I couldn't get any permission from my parents to leave the city.

We all know the impact of Coronavirus is devastating all over the world. People lost their jobs, companies are shutting down, millions of people died in the last couple of months, the whole economic system is broken. Things are getting harder & harder. This has totally changed our life. Still, we are waiting for the vaccine. We all are hoping for better days to come.

The traveling mind wants to go for a long trip in search of inner peace. Our mind is never satisfied with anything always want to explore. Yesterday, I met with some of my friends who were planning for a trip to Saint-martin, they requested me to join them, but unfortunately, my parents didn't permit me. Saint-martin is one of my favorite places. I visited there every year with my buddies in my campus life. So, I felt upset that I couldn't go with them on the trip.

Everything won't happen the way we want. This is the reality, but sometimes our minds don't want to accept reality. So I am trying to hold myself & focusing on my life, which is convenient for me, I guess.

Another lockdown might be coming soon as the second wave of Coronavirus already started to form worldwide. People should be more careful this time, already in Europe, America the number of new patients is increasing at a high rate. We shouldn't commit any mistake this time. We have to self isolate as much as possible; we should always wear a mask and keep your social distance. Finally, we should wash our hands and face all of the time!

Also, our religious leaders in Bangladesh must be convinced and convince their followers of the absolute necessity of everyone following WHO guidelines. If that means closing Masjids and not holding any rallies, they must be convinced to do. This should be done for our own safety purposes.n

I am eagerly waiting for the day when there will be no restriction of going outside & everything will be normal. No worries, better days will come; we just have to be patients.

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Yes, it is not nice to just sit at home, luckily we are aloud to travel again, but as you say, it could be stopped agin if the infections become too much.

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