Some talks about Transgenders people & their rights!

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Transgender! The number of transgender people is increasing globally at a decent rate all over the world. Yet in our society, they are not seen with good eyes. They don't have enough opportunities in our society. They are part of society, so we can't ignore them. Our government and we should come forward to help them, give them enough opportunity to work with dignity, and assure them that they are also part of our society.

People should be more aware & be humble to transgender peoples. We all know most developed countries already passed several laws for transgender people; even some of the nation's top government officials are transgender people. So things are changing as well as our minds. We all talked about diversity & this diversity is a fundamental need for our society. We always asked for respect, but we always forget that respect comes with respect. If we do not respect others, they won't respect us.

The life of a transgender person is pretty hard in Bangladesh. I recently visited a couple of times in Dhaka, Bangladesh's capitals; every time I was riding on a bus, a group of transgender people will get onto the bus & ask for money. If anyone refuses to give any money, they start harassing that person, especially men. They will try to pull off his mask, sometimes try to kiss him or physically harass them. That does not finish there; if someone gives them less money, they speak with them rudely. And this isn't very comfortable for any person.

What is the situation in Dhaka city? I must say pretty bad, indeed, as most transgender people are jobless as there are not enough job opportunities. They grouped a gang, took control over any area & started collecting money from general folks.
If this continues, the situation will be out of control; if not, there will be more crimes, smuggling, robbery, etc. Also, some other people might take this opportunity to exploit them. They need proper guidelines with special care, that can't be possible without our government support.

Our society and our mentality; if any transgender's male/female is born in our community, they treat that child badly. Even they don't get any support from their family. Children are blessing for any parents, but in transgender people, they become cursed for their family. Instead of supporting them, they throw them out or hide their identity. This type of work doesn't seem right at all.

Recently our government took some initiatives such as opening new schools, Madrasa for transgender folks. Also, they can work in some of our garments factories. But this is not enough; as the increase rate is high, they need more opportunities.

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