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Today I met with a 9 year's boy, his name is Ratul; I talked with him for maybe half an hour or so, I became a fan of his thinking. I am very much a stranger to him, but he is very confident when talking to me. The saddest part is he is suffering from brain cancer. Yes, that's true! It's been almost a year since I quit tuition. Suddenly, I had a call from one of the students ' father, asking me to go to his home. So, I went there and talked with him. He requested me to take math tuition for her daughter. I couldn't deny him.

After that, his daughter came with his little brother. The boy was very polite. He didn't say a word when I talked to his sister; when I finished talking with her, he started talking with me. I noticed that he has no hair. A few moments later, he asked me gently, can I also read with my sister?'' He was so sweet, I couldn't deny him. He was gazing at me with the most adorable smile. I really loved his dark grey.

After a while, when we talked, he just told me with ease that he has brain cancer. That moment I was frozen, sometimes people have no idea what is coming up, for me it was totally shocking! Literally, no idea what to say! He was still talking about passion, what he wanted to achieve, but I was stuck thinking about this mysterious world, the uncertainty in our life.

A few moments later, the boy left, even though I forgot to ask his name. His sister told me that his name is Ratul. I asked her more about the boy to her sister. She told me that he spent all his day reading books, he never complained about what happened to him. He is a responsible boy who loved to do all his work on his own. Mentally he might be broken, but he doesn't want to give up. There is something that gives him the strength to fight. The whole day I was thinking about the boy.

When you know death is knocking at your door, what will you do??? I know this is a very complicated question but think about the person going through this kind of situation; only he knows the pain other than us. If you look at the WHO reports, you will find many young kids like Ratul died in the last couple of years; most of them are 8-12 years old. These numbers are very high. We should stand with these little kids, spend more time with them, give them as much happiness they deserve. That's all we can do.


When my mum was in hospital having cancer treatment for a few weeks I went in every day to sit with her. As I made my way through the oncology ward each day I'd see this little bald kid sitting in bed or in the little common-room playing. On the first day I smiled and he waved back. Over the next couple days we started talking and eventually I'd sit and draw, play Lego or read with him - It was a good break from sitting with my mum which was quite stressful.

After a couple weeks of doing so I went in as usual one day and he was gone. Departed. He was seven years old.

I learned a lot from that kid; A lot about perspective, inner strength, fear and resignation. I think people who are at death's door have much to teach us - Even if that is to cherish life.

After a couple weeks of doing so I went in as usual one day and he was gone. Departed. He was seven years old.

It's really hard to accept, kids have the most sacred minds in this world, when something bad happened to them it's really hard to accept. This is their world & they are the most important parts of their parents.

I really don't know how those parents feelings are, they might be broken inside hoping & begging to God to save their kids. Reality is always hard to accept, but that's the way of life.

Life will end for all of us; I think what makes it harder when it happens to kids is that they haven't really had much of a life. It's clearly difficult to deal with and I don't envy parents who go through it.

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Sometimes we do face some things which make us stand before the reality of life. Which teaches us many lessons and make us realize the true way of life. Who knows how it turns,how it moves.

I do feel sad when i encounter such things and pray for them and i also feel blessed and try to be thankful to Allah for keeping me hale and hearty.

Reality is cruel & we are bound to face it now or maybe later. We can't change it rather than accept it. Life is a book of lessons one chapter closed then the next one come, there is no end untill we are not dead.

This story is so touching😪😪.
I feel for Ratul already

Yes, it is! Thanks for stopping by..

Death is a cruel truth but reality. But when it happens to a child, it is hard to accept. Hope this will not happen to this boy. Wishing his early cure.

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