Furious Knight's first achievement on Rabona.io: Champion of league-2

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Hello, all the football lovers, take my humble greetings; I hope you all are doing well. You all may know about the new football game named Rabona, which was introduced into the blockchain about two months ago. This is the first soccer game in the Hive. All you have to do is build up your own team, train them, and try out different strategies to win the match. If you don't know about it, then you can check out the game. If you are a football lover, you will definitely have fun playing this game. So, Join the game, manage your team & become a football manager.

I am playing this game for a while now. Let's come to the point. As I was desperately trying to win the season league-2, but I failed 3 times. Last season I was very close, but it wasn't enough. Then I promised myself that I will win the next season league by hook or crook. Here I am; finally, my team delivered with a bang & won the league title.

At the beginning of the season, every team gave its best to take the league's top position. My team was sitting in the top 3 position at the beginning of season-5, At that time, I thought I should buy some players, so I went to the market and bought one goalkeeper & one defender. Actually, it's pretty hard to find a good player at a lower price. Also, you have to look at lots of things before buying any players. Players having good skills are not enough; you have to look at their endurance ability, in which formation they are good at, team player, etc. After checking all of these, you should buy a player/ players.

In the middle of the season, my team was at the top of the leaderboard. But the point difference between the top three positions is not much. So, I focused more on my defense, as I didn't want to lose any point at that point. I started giving my team extra training sessions on the ground. I was on a winning streak; my team won 7 matches back to back. That time I was leading with 3 points, the next match was against Catalunya. This team was in 2nd position on the leaderboard. So, the next match was a do or die match for my team. Thankfully my team won the match with 4-1 goals. And finally, my team won the league title & became the champion of league-2.


Robona developers are doing a great job as they are updating the bugs regularly. Some new things were added to the game: the building yard, office building, and the training center. These are all recently added with their use case. Hopefully, more updates will come soon. The problem that I faced is that I can't play this game on mobile. I hope the developers have some plans for it; maybe they will launch a mobile app soon.


Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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It's getting more and more competitive! The point difference is not too big between the teams. Maybe push for champions league qualifications and we'll see you in the Loc next season ;)

I agree , now everything matters as you have to spend some money on your team, train your team regularly to hold your top position. Thanks bhai, I will try my best to reach in the Loc in this season.