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This happened in 2014; I was a freshman who just got an admission in a renowned public university. December 13, we started our journey to Cox's Bazar. As we were the most junior batch, Our participation was eye-catching. The plan was to stay one night and the next morning at Cox's Bazar and then catch the ship at 2:00 and go to Saint-martin beach. On the starting day, all were very excited as this was the first tour of our campus life—three buses with 160 students and 3-4 teachers also with us. The bus started, everyone cheered with joy. We were singing, dancing, having fun with our seniors on the bus. There are some special facilities, especially for the backbenchers who loved smoking and getting drunk.

Anyway, we reached Cox's bazaar at 1:00 pm. Everyone hurriedly left their bags in the room and went out to see the sea. I forgot to mention that even though we were juniors, we had a good relationship with everyone in the batch. We spent the night at Cox's bazar, then in the morning wandering around, eating lunch, and went out for the marine drive. Then in the evening, I went to a shop where some local boys were talking. Although I couldn't understand a bit.

তুআরা বেগুন কেন আছ? হডে যাইবা তুইয়? মুখ কা হালা কিছু হাইত

In the evening, all the commotion started, all the seniors and juniors got drunk. The bus will leave for Saint-Martins at 10 pm, but all the boys are in critical condition. I went near our bus by mistake, got on another bus, and I felt the smell of alcohol filling the whole bus. When I realized I am in the wrong place, and about to get down from the bus, someone shouted from behind..who are you? I introduced myself, one of the older brothers asked, younger brother, do you want some drink? I fell from the sky, I answered with a low voice, brother, I do not drink.

Everyone from first to last on the bus was drunk. The whole bus is buzzing with the smell of alcohol. It seems like if I stayed there for a while, I would be intoxicated. As fast as possible, I left that place. I saw all our teachers gathered, and they were tense. However, we started our next journey at 10:00 to the saint-martins. Buses were checked several times on the road, everything handled by our honorable teachers.

We reached Saint-Martins in the afternoon to see the magnificent view of the sea. Everyone was exhausted, after leaving their bag & baggage, everyone took a rest. After bathing with my friends, I came back to our room, then ate lunch and took a nap. I was woken up at night by one of my friends. Again, the drinking party started at 8:00, and the party ended at 10:00 pm. At 12:00 am, everyone went to their rooms. But some of our friends and some senior brothers decided to sit on the beach and get drunk. Meanwhile, we also thought we would visit the beach at night. Sitting on the beach, we heard a sudden shout of friends. Going ahead, we saw some of our elder brothers and some of our friends arguing with two people. Before we knew what was going on, they started beating them. Some of my friends started running. After beating those two guys for a while, they all left that place very quickly. We came to the room, and all were silent. A senior brother came and told us to close the door and went away, telling us not to open the door. I had a friend who was drunk a while ago, but right now he is totally ok; he was continually begging through the window to open the door,

মনে হচ্ছিল কোন একসন সিনেমার ক্লাইম্যাক্স চলছে, মনে মনে বললাম আর যাই হোক দরজা খুলছিনা, সালা মাতলামির ভান ধরো না, এতখন অনেক যালিয়েছ।

After a while, I heard an uproar. A group of people with the torchlight was looking around. Everyone in our room assumed they were in a deep sleep, but none of us were sleeping. The whole night passed like this, in the morning, we found out that those who were beaten at night were the coast-guards.

It was total madness; I will never forget this journey. After that, we had a meeting with the police, we apologized for that incident, and left Saints-martin the next morning. I still remember one of the coast-guard sayings..

মাগো মা অ্যাঁই কি মাইরডাই ন আড়ে মাইরছেন, রাএ ঘুমাইতে ন হারছি, দেহেন চাই আরার গেঞ্জিখান চাই, ছিঁড়ি ফানা ফানা হরি লাইছেন।


Gondhe nesha hoi na linco :)

Dada, maje modde hoi, jemon dandi khai jara tara toh jutor atar gran diai nesha kore...ektu dhop marlam r ki

I actually have a didi at my lab! Aditi di; I talked about her before, she used to smell kerosine, dendrite, fabicol... etc for nesha purposes ;) So I am very aware of all kinds of nesha

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হাহাহা,কোস্ট গার্ড ই মার খেয়ে গেল,বেচারা। গেঞ্জিখান ছিড়ি ফানা ফানা হরি লাইছেন।🤣

Haha, she jokon chittagong er vasai kotha bolcilo tokon eto hasi paccilo....

লাস্ট ইয়ার আমি প্রথমবারের মতো চট্টগ্রাম গিয়েছিলাম। লোকাল মানুষদের ভাষা কিছুই বুঝি নাহ কি বলে। ব্যবলার মতো তাকাই থাকতাম কেউ কথা বললে🤣কিন্ত মজা লাগে শুনতে।

Saint Martin is really one of the most awesome places, I have ever visited. We had a tour at this island last year with my students. Itwas so tough to control and guide mature students of final year. So we decided not to look whatever they are doing themselves.

By your post, I remember that tour in every lines. Nice writing.

That's true, brother. I visited Saint-martin 3 times, but still, I want to visit it again and again. It is really a wonderful place to visit.

I wish I will go again with my daughter inshaallah.

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